Supergirl zor el
Birthdate 1940 (age 80, biologically 39)
Family *Lor-El (father)
Occupation Scientist
Species Kryptonian

Status Alive

Played by Robert Gant
First seen Pilot (Supergirl)
Last seen Worldkiller, Part 3
Zor-El is the biological father of Kara Danvers and a respected Kryptonian scientist.

Early LifeEdit

Supergirl Season 3Edit

In No Longer The Last,

In Kandor,

In Power Girl,

In Heavily Broken,

In Human For Another Day,

In A Luthor and a Super,

In Brave Enough,

In New Krypton,

In Brave New World,

In The Question,

In Siblings,

In Conspirators,

In Nova Day,

In The Fall of Kandor,

Supergirl Season 4Edit

In Twilight,

Supergirl Season 5Edit

In El/Zod,

In The House of El,

In The Last Daughter of Krypton,

New Krypton Season 6Edit

In Sisters,

New Krypton Season 8Edit



  • He is one of only three male Kryptonians to appear in the series premiere and the series finale, the others being Clark Kent and Jor-El.


  • 26/86 (Supergirl)
  • 4/80 (New Krypton)
  • 30 (total)

(Supergirl S3) (20/22)

(Supergirl S4) (1/15)

(Supergirl S5) (2/13)

(Supergirl S6) (1/10)

(Supergirl S8) (3/10)

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