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Alexander "Xander" Grant
Birthdate January 4th, 1980 (age 33)
Family Peter Delsoin (adoptive father)
Occupation Priest
Species Human

Status Alive
Cause of death Throat Slit
Killed by Marcia Evers
Played by Samuel Anderson
First seen Pilot
Last seen Sacrilege

Xander Grant is a young priest at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross with an interest in the recent werewolf attacks. He is also a member of The Organization.

Early LifeEdit

The Sulez Dynasty Season 1Edit

In Pilot, he welcomes Meredith Sulez home and helps her settle back into the group.

In Say Anything,

In All Through The Night,

In Sacrilege, he is murdered by Marcia Evers and strung up as a warning against interfering in Silas' return.



  • 4/42 (TSD)

(TSD S1) (4/8)


  • He was originally intended to be a love interest for Meredith Sulez.
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