Occupation Torturers
Species Eldritch

Status Existing

Played by Various
First seen The Mind Is Its Own Place

Wraiths are extensions of the will of The Dark Dimension (plane), a sentient plane of existence designed to ensure that "damned" souls are brought back into The Fold. They are assigned to specific individuals that reside there as a method of "rehabilitating" them so they are "fit for paradise." They are without both form and gender, and are a classification of supernatural beings termed The Eldritch, which also includes angels and werewolves. As such, they cannot be truly killed and are capable of existing forever as "fixed assets in the maintenance of Creation." The species as a whole serves as the primary antagonists of The Dark Dimension miniseries.


When the Dark Dimension was created, it deemed it necessary to create "rehab professionals" as it did not want to be bothered with anything other than ensuring that those residing in it stayed there. To this end, it created the wraiths: formless torturers that beat a soul until it breaks and "rebuilds" it from the ground up. Over time, the wraiths found it desirable to appear to their "patients" as those to whom the person was dear so as to lull them into secure mindsets. Their governing body, headed by Iblis, is referred to as "The Legion."

Known WraithsEdit


  • They are comparable to the demons of human religion.
  • If an angel stays in The Dark Dimension (plane) for too long, they run the risk of becoming wraiths as grace cannot exist within it.
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