Season 3, Episode 9 (27)
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Air date September 2020
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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Terrible Regime
Wedding is the ninth episode of The Sulez Dynasty Season 3 and the 27th episode overall.


1ST HALF: JO AND MASON'S BIG DAY ARRIVES- As Sage scrambles to divert a sore Tristan from causing trouble at Jo and Mason's wedding ceremony, Nora shares some surprising news with Mary Louise. Henrietta decides to concede to Meredith. Lucien keeps an incapacitated Olivia on a tight leash and Katherine intercepts an uninvited guest whose presence threatens to derail her friends' special day, but the true villains of the day turn out to be much worse than anyone anticipated.

2ND HALF: AN UNEXPECTED PARTY- New Dawn descends upon the wedding party. Meredith and Tristan work together to repel the terrorists, with Elijah Mikaelson helping in his own way. In the chaos, Freya Mikaelson makes an important decision. Olivia convinces Henrietta to make a risky play, and Katherine deals with her captive. Mary Louise contemplates her future in Boston in the wake of what Nora has told her. Finally, a surprising hero takes a stand.


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