Vril Dox
Birthdate 12th Century
Occupation Scientist (formerly)
Species Coluan

Status Alive

Played by Amy Acker
First seen Lines
Last seen City On Fire
Vril Dox is a time-traveling Coluan scientist and researcher who created the cyber-construct Brainiac.

Early LifeEdit

Supergirl Season 3Edit

In Lines, Vril appears briefly, hooked up to life support machines in the collection chamber of her ship.

In A Luthor and a Super,

In Brave Enough,

In New Krypton,

In Framed,

In Hurricane,

In The Fall of Kandor,

In City On Fire,



  • This is the first version of the character to be female.


  • 8/180 (Supergirl)

(Supergirl S3) (8/24)

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