Vladislaus Dracula
Birthdate 1431 (age 45/589)
Occupation King of the Strigoi Vampires
  • Prince of Wallachia (formerly)
Species Strigoi Vampire

Status Undead

Played by Michael Fassbender
First seen Don't Fear The Reaper
Last seen Bulletproof
Vladislaus Dracula is the King of the Strigoi, a demonic breed of vampires.

Early LifeEdit

He was born Vlad III, later taking the surname Tepes and was a member of the Order of the Dragon.

During the 15th Century, as revealed in Don't Fear The Reaper, he was the Prince of Wallachia and was known as Vlad The Impaler for his ferocity in battle. In 1476, he sold his soul to Lucifer in exchange for dark powers that would extend his life. In doing so, he aroused the ire of the people and was sealed in his castle by a group of witches; this group was comprised of (among others) ancestors of John Constantine, Zatanna Zatara, and the Queen, Lance, and Wayne families.

During the 19th Century, as revealed in Don't Fear The Reaper, he was visited by Jonathan Harker, whom he had contracted to acquire land in London. Using Harker's blood in a ritual to neutralize the spell confining him to his castle, he traveled to London. There, he seduced and turned Lucy Westenra and Harker's fiancee Mina Murray. Despite the apparently successful efforts of a group of vampire hunters to kill Dracula before Mina's transition into Strigoi was complete, Dracula survived and fully turned Mina into the first of his new brides.

Birds of Prey Season 3Edit

In Don't Fear The Reaper,

In Now and Then,

In Red Rain,

In Gemini,

In Perspectives,

In 30 Days Of Night,

In Save My City,

Batman Season 2Edit

In Bones,

In Bloodstorm,

In The Man Who Broke The Bat,

In Knightfall,

In Bulletproof,




  • 7/80 (Birds of Prey)
  • 5/36 (Batman)
  • 12 (total)

(Birds of Prey S3) (7/13)

(Batman S2) (5/13)

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