Vincent Griffith
Birthdate 1977 (age 34)
Family Eva Sinclair (ex-wife)
Species Warlock

Vampire (first body, briefly)

Transfiguration date January 1, 2013 (first body)

Status Alive (resurrected)
Cause of death Soul pushed out of his body to make room for Finn
Killed by Esther
Played by Yusuf Gatewood
First seen Always and Forever
Last seen The Darkest Parts of Yourself
Vincent Griffith is a warlock from the Tréme Coven and an ally of Kieran O'Connell.

Early LifeEdit

He begrudgingly worked under Marcel's regime until he got fed up with the entire supernatural community in New Orleans, specifically the indifference to the humans, and abandoned his coven.

The Originals Season 1Edit

The Originals Season 2Edit

The Originals Season 3Edit

The Originals Season 4Edit



  • Vincent is the third-most-appearing character on the show after Elijah and Kol.


  • 50/50 (TO)

(TO S1) (14/14)

(TO S3) (13/13)

(TO S3) (11/11)

(TO S4) (12/12)

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