Hello all! If you're coming here from the Vampire Diaries Wiki, you may know me as "the peppy Klaus/Hayley shipper who loves writing fanfiction and enjoys in-depth conversation on characters." If not, hello all the same!

A Little About Me[edit | edit source]

I'm in college and a performance artist! I am thinking of minoring in creative writing if my college has such an option! I also have written some one-act plays.

What You Can Expect Of Me[edit | edit source]

I will be very active on the comments section (once that is set up) and I will do my best to answer ANY questions my readers may have. I'm usually pretty chill and non-confrontational, but I won't tolerate racist or sexist remarks by anyone who wonders onto here. Cyber-bullying is a big pet peeve of mine, as I've been a recipient of it in the past. Constructive criticism and peaceful conversation are preferable, please! What I'm trying to say is: you are free to express your opinions in any way you see fit, within reason of course.

Talk to me! I'm very friendly and outgoing, so don't be shy! I don't bite haha.

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