Tristan profile
Tristan de Martel
Birthdate March 3, 978 (Age 33/1035)
Family Aurora de Martel (sister)

Count de Martel † (father)

Occupation Swordsman
Species Vampire
Transfiguration date March 3, 1003 (by Elijah Mikaelson)

Status Undead
Cause of death Unknown (as a human)
Killed by Elijah Mikaelson (as a human)
Played by Oliver Ackland
First seen Say Anything
Last seen Rathul
Tristan de Martel is the elder brother of Aurora de Martel, a master swordsman, and a member of The Trinity as well as the leader of The Strix.

Early LifeEdit

At some point, he came to be the "boss" of Massachusetts. The Strix has set up shop there and holds significant sway over the city.

As revealed in Ashes,

The Sulez Dynasty Season 1Edit

Although he does not appear in Pilot, he is mentioned several times as the leader of the Strix.

In Say Anything,

In All Through The Night,

In Sacrilege,

In The Fallen,

In Animal I Have Become,

In Go,

In Sacrifice,

In Daughter,

The Sulez Dynasty Season 2Edit

In Infinite,

In Salvation,

In Darkness Lifts,

In Reckoning,

The Sulez Dynasty Season 3Edit

The Originals Season 2Edit

In Copenhagen,

The Originals Season 4Edit

In Hearing Damage,




  • 35/36 (TSD)
  • 8/50 (TO)
  • 43 (Total)

(TSD S1) (8/9)

(TSD S2) (9/9)

(TSD S3) (9/9)

(TSD S4) (9/9)

(The Originals S2) (2/15)

(The Originals S3) (1/11)

(The Originals S4) (5/12)

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