Thomas Coville
Birthdate 1973 (age 45)
Family Unnamed Wife
Occupation Leader of The Cult of Rao
  • Lawyer (formerly)
Species Human

Status Alive

Played by Chad Lowe
First seen No Longer The Last
Last seen City On Fire
Thomas Coville is a former lawyer and the current leader of The Cult of Rao. He was on the plane Kara saved when the world first learned of Supergirl.

Early LifeEdit

Supergirl Season 3Edit

In No Longer The Last,

In Power Girl,

In Heavily Broken,

In Human For Another Day,

In A Luthor and a Super,

In Brave Enough,

In New Krypton,

In Brave New World,

In The Question,

In Supergirl Reborn,

In Siblings,

In You Ruin Me,

In Conspirators,

In The Swarm,

In Hurricane,

In City On Fire,


  • He represents the dark side of the Kryptonian virtue of Faith, specifically how blind faith can lead to dangerous fanaticism.


  • 16/180 (Supergirl)

(Supergirl S3) (16/24)

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