The Things We Can't Outrun
Season 2, Episode 1 (14)
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Air date Unaired
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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The Ties That Bind Moving On, Part 1: Don't Fight It
The Things We Can't Outrun is the first episode of Birds of Prey Season 2 and the 14th episode overall.


LAUREL GOES DOWN A DARK PATH- In the wake of the emotionally destructive Eclipso fiasco, Helena takes Laurel on a trip. Nyssa clashes with Malcolm Merlyn over Thea. Bruce and Ray are frustrated when a powerful businesswoman announces her intent to buy out their companies. Tommy Merlyn mourns. An imprisoned Sara gets visitors. As Ra's al Ghul (Earth 3) solidifies his alliance with Scandal Savage and Papa Midnite, Nyssa al Ghul must deal with dreams that spill into her waking hours.


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