The first season of The Sulez Dynasty debuted in 2015. It is the second spin-off of TVD, alongside The Originals (tv series).

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Following a titanic battle with Silas and Qetsiyah in an ultimately futile attempt to keep the Other Side intact that resulted in the destruction of Mystic Falls and the deaths of most of its inhabitants, Meredith Sulez becomes disillusioned and returns to her hometown of Boston to try and have a normal life. However, her life is unwilling to let her go as the wraith Kali begins a terror campaign. After reluctantly re-entering The Organization, and entering into a tenuous alliance with maverick vampires Enzo, Sage, and Gale Karnstein, Meredith discovers long-buried family secrets that shake her to her very foundation.

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Main ArcsEdit

  • THE BOSTON CRISIS: an uprising of supernatural creatures, mostly vampires, in Boston in response to a prophecy foretold by Ivan Markov. This crisis is initially what causes Meredith to resume her association with the Organization.
  • FAMILY SECRETS: a more personal character arc for Meredith in which she unearths multiple dangerous secrets pertaining to her family line that force her to confront everything she knows about herself and the world around her.
  • CULT OF SILAS: the Organization becomes aware of the involvement of the acolytes of the immortal witch Silas in recent events, and of a prophecy that is supposed to be fulfilled in Boston. The prophecy requires the temporary descent of Silas.
  • PERVERSION OF NATURE: told in flashback, this arc details the creation of the immortality elixir by Silas, Qetsiyah, and Markos
  • WAR IN MYSTIC FALLS: also told in flashback. This arc details Silas' campaign in Mystic Falls, Virginia, to ascend to godhood. It is what catalyzed the events of this series.



  • 12 characters are given star billing this season.
  • ^ indicates characters who are not billed as main cast but are essentially series regulars.
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