The Sulez Dynasty is a series centering on the exploits of Meredith Sulez and her associates as she fights to protect her loved ones from various threats in Boston, most notably the Cult of Silas and The Strix.

  • Seasons: 5
  • Episodes: 40

Main CastEdit

Season OneEdit

This season focuses on Meredith's return to Boston following the destruction of Mystic Falls and the ascension of the immortal witch Silas. Meanwhile, The Organization deals with multiple other threats including the wraith Kali and a mysterious serial killer.

Season TwoEdit

This season focuses on the Organization's attempts to curb Silas and destroy her.

Season ThreeEdit

This season focuses on the alliance between The Organization and The Strix, with emphasis on both sides of the shaky established order. Meredith trains to drive the vampires out and struggles with romantic feelings for Henrietta Feyers.

Season FourEdit

This season contines to focus on the Organization-Strix alliance as it becomes clear the vampires do not wish to honor their end of the agreeement. Meredith reaches the apex of her power and becomes engaged to Henrietta.

Season FiveEdit

This season focuses on the aftermath of the Organization-Strix alliance and the rise of a powerful new threat.

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