The Shachath
Birthdate 1st Century BC

Species Higher Entity

Status Existing

Played by *Jason Momoa (as Catahecassa)
  • Riley Voelkel
  • Sebastian Roche
  • Danielle Campbell
  • Michael Trevino
  • Phoebe Tonkin
First seen The Puppet Mistress
Last seen Hello Storyville

The Shachath is the personification of Expression, a dark form of magic that exists outside the physical plane. It is unmonitored by the Angels. Actively malevolent, the Shachath exists to corrupt those who use it and constantly seeks ways to manifest in this realm. The being originated as a Roman villager named Catahecassa.

The Originals Season 2Edit

It first manifests as a singular entity during the first day of winter in 2012, where it causes an eclipse, taking the forms of Mikael and the later Tyler Lockwood. As Tyler, it tries to kidnap or kill Angelique Mikaelson. As Mikael, it kills Marcel Gerard and attempts to corrupt the Mikaelsons, but is seemingly driven back after the eclipse ends.

After Kieran finds the second White Oak Stake, it manifests as Davina Claire, promising to help him defeat the vampires.

Continuing to appear as Davina, it intimidates Esther and the real Mikael, both of whom see past its facade. The Shachath goads Kieran into attacking Klaus in his werewolf form in Lafayette Cemetery, but it is driven off along with Kieran, Lenore, and Kaleb.

Once Kieran sees past its facade, he seeks out the real Davina. To his dismay, he finds her corpse occupying a grave in the City of the Dead. Mikael later delivers an infant Angelique to it, where it again poses as Tyler.

Upon its return to New Orleans, it resumes Davina's form, but is apparently taken down by the cursed shackles. It breaks free of the shackles and vanishes after the Mikaelsons discern that it is working for Markos.

Rebekah, Gia, and Celina Kingston discover where the creature is hiding with Angelique and confront it. As variously Tyler, Mikael, and in its original form as Catahecassa, it battles the trio and claims that it only wishes to be free of Dahlia and Markos. After being supposedly wounded by Angelique, whose aging it has accelerated, it disappears. Its fate is unknown.

At some point during the destruction of New Orleans, it takes on Freya Mikaelson's form and hitch-hikes with a newly-resurrected Davina to parts unknown.

In Seven Months Later, the being and Davina are traveling together. It is teaching her a stronger form of magic. Davina sees through its ruse and attacks it before escaping.

In Copenhagen,

In Hello Storyville,


  • 11/62 (TO)

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