The Rising Son
Season 2, Episode 17 (37)
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Air date Unaired
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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The Prince of Daxam Zod (episode)
The Rising Son is the 17th episode of Supergirl Season 2 and the 37th episode overall.


PART 2 OF 2: NEGOTIATIONS- Mon-El offers himself up to his parents in exchange for the Daxamites leaving Earth forever.

Main Cast

Special Guest Stars



  • Antagonist: Rhea
  • This is the final appearance of Chris Wood as a series regular.
    • This is the final appearance of Earth-38's Mon-El.
  • This is the first appearance of General Zod.
  • This episode takes place on March 27, 2017.


  • Rhea never intended on keeping her deal with her son and was going to restart the slaving and classist society on which Daxamite civilization is founded.
  • The entire Daxamite fleet is destroyed in this episode by Dru-Zod.
    • This episode features the extinction of the Daxamite species.

Body Count

  • Mon-El - died in the explosions. Killed by Dru-Zod
  • Rhea- killed when the flagship explodes. Killed by Dru-Zod
  • Lar-Gand- killed when the flagship explodes. Killed by Dru-Zod
  • All remaining Daxamites- killed when the ships are destroyed. Killed by Dru-Zod.


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