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The Old Ones
Birthdate Various

Species Vampire, Hybrids
Transfiguration date Various
Significant sires Various
Significant spells Various
Significant kills Various
Status Undead
Cause of death Various
Killed by Various (as humans)
Played by Various
First seen Pilot
Last seen Sometimes

The Old Ones are a mysterious group of ancient vampires and vampire/siphoner hybrids with an agenda against the Mikaelsons that seem to involve Taylor Kingston. Having existed in secret for centuries, they are regarded as myths even by the Mikaelsons themselves.


The Sulez Dynasty Season 1Edit

The Originals Season 1Edit

The Originals Season 2Edit

The Originals Season 3Edit

On Davos orders, Christabella Marcoux returns to New Orleans, aiding the Mikaelsons in temporarily defeating Dahlia and killing most of The Cabal members stationed in the city.

The Originals Season 4Edit

The Originals Season 5Edit

The Originals Season 6Edit

After the failure of Davos' plan, Christabella is the only surviving member of the group. In Hearing Damage, she officially disavows Davos and his ideals to join Tristan and his splinter faction of the Strix. The group is considered extinct after this event.

The Sulez Dynasty Season 3Edit

Davos is resurrected by Osvajac to help them achieve their endgame, but he soon manipulates them for his own ends, resulting in the group's destruction. He proceeds to recruit various elder vampires, hoping to recreate the faction but is killed before the plan can come to fruition.

Alternate RealityEdit

In the alternate reality presented in Dark Paradise, the group has succeeded in accomplishing their goal of worldwide vampire supremacy, with Davos as the leader of the World Government.

The Originals Season 9Edit

In 2015, the immortal known as Alec Drake begins the final phase of the Old Ones' ultimate plan.



  • The group as a whole is the primary antagonist of The Originals: Always & Forever.
  • In the books, the Old Ones are the first vampires. They had never been human, and could only be destroyed by mass amounts of magic or through Elena's blood.
  • In the television series, Davina Claire has referred to the Mikalesons as 'the old ones' on several occasions.
  • Several members are also members of The Strix.


  • 29/36 (TSD)
  • 36/62 (TO)
  • 74 (Total)

(TO S1) (13/16)

(TO S2) (15/16)

(TO S3) (13/14)

  • Black as Night (Davos, Christabella, Jochi, Solomon, Tess, Anne, Lucien, Tristan, Aurora)
  • Deal With The Devil (Davos, Christabella, Jochi, Solomon, Tess, Anne, Lucien, Tristan Aurora)
  • Skulls (Davos, Christabella, Jochi, Tess, Anne, Solomon, Anica, Cerdic, Lucien, Tristan, Aurora)
  • The Old Ones (episode) (Davos, Tess, Jochi, Anne, Anica, Cerdic, Solomon, Aslaug, Miriam, Lucien, Tristan, Aurora)
  • Hybrid (Davos, Christabella, Jochi, Tess, Anne, Anica, Cerdic, Solomon, Aslaug, Miriam, Lucien, Tristan, Aurora)
  • Things We Lost in the Fire (Christabella, Tess, Aurora)
  • Bad Blood (Christabella, Tess, Cerdic, Tess, Anne, Anica, Aurora)
  • Dead or Alive (Davos, Christabella, Tess, Anica, Aslaug, Lucien, Tristan, Aurora)
  • Trust (Davos, Christabella, Tess, Cerdic, Anica, Anne, Aslaug, Miriam, Lucien, Aurora)
  • Call of the Wild (Davos, Christabella, Anica, Tess, Cerdic, Anne, Lucien, Tristan, Aurora)
  • Ragnarok (Davos, Christabella, Anica, Tess, Anne, Miriam, Aslaug, Lucien, Tristan, Aurora)
  • Afterlife (Christabella)
  • Ethan (Christabella)

(TSD S1) (13/18)

(TO S2) (14/18)

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