The Longbow Hunters
Season 2, Episode 8
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Air date TBD
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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The Longbow Hunters is the eighth episode of Canary Season 2 and the 18th episode overall.


OLIVER TAKES A DARK TURN- When Laurel Lance is kidnapped and tortured by Darhk's men, Oliver Queen, Nyssa al Ghul, and Helena Bertinelli team up to rescue her. After Laurel's rescue, Oliver's personality becomes darker and darker. Thea Queen becomes concerned that her brother may be lost during her training with Slade Wilson, but Malcolm Merlyn does not give up and uses League remedies to enter Ollie's mind. Laurel and Sara Lance dream of their father. Sara's instability reaches a tipping point. Meanwhile, Laurel's Earth-2 doppelganger reaches out to her.

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  • Antagonists: Damien Darhk, "Damien Darhk" (hallucinations)
  • This episode is inspired by the Green Arrow comic of the same name, wherein Black Canary is tortured and Oliver goes dark to save her.
  • This episode takes place on November 1-6, 2016.



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