The Justice League of America
Season 6, Episode 2
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Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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Seeing Double Throne of Atlantis
The Justice League of America is the second episode of Supergirl Season 6 and the 102nd episode overall. It is the first part of the 3-part JUSTICE LEAGUE ORGINS story arc.


PART 1: THE JLA IS BORN- Kara Danvers and Karen Starr answer the call when Clark Kent informs them of the team of superheroes he has created with Bruce and Diana, while Arthur Curry and Mera deal with an insurrection in Atlantis.

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  • Antagonists: Orm Marius, Lobo, Hila
  • Reign, Susannah, and Lucy do not appear in this episode.
  • This episode takes place January 5, 2021.



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