Birthdate 10th Century (1000+)
Family Unnamed son

Unnamed daughter

Species Doppleganger

Status Deceased
Cause of death Exsanguination
Killed by Elijah Mikaelson
Played by Nina Dobrev
First seen Falling Slowly (flashback)
Last seen Falling Slowly (flashback)

Tatia was the progenitor of the Petrova doppleganger line. During her youth, Tatia bore a child with a man in her village, and was the object of desire of every other man in the village, including Niklaus and Elijah Mikaelson, the sons of the powerful witch Esther. At some point, she had given birth to a daughter with one of the Mikaelson brothers, though they remained unaware of that fact. Her blood was used in the original spell to turn the Mikaelsons into vampire as well as the hybrid curse. She did not survive the process. Being a doppleganger, she crossed over to the Other Side and remained there in utter isolation for a millennium.

The Originals Season 1Edit

In Falling Slowly, Mikael remembers when he brought her corpse to Esther for the ritual that turned their family into the first vampires.


(TO S2)


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