The third season of Supergirl comprises 22 episodes and 10 stories. The main arc of this season is New Krypton (Supergirl storyline).


Season Summary

Six months after returning to National City, Kara Danvers discovers the lost Kryptonian city of Kandor still exists and is in possession of Brainiac. When her parents are revealed to still be alive inside the city, Kara has a choice to make: remain on Earth or return home to help rebuild her civilization. Meanwhile, multiple factions conspire to destroy the last remnant of Krypton once and for all.

Main Cast

Special Recurring Cast

Recurring Cast

Episode/Story List


  • The first season to not feature Mehcad Brooks as a series regular.
    • There are 12 actors receiving star billing and 13 main characters this season.
      • Benanti plays Alura and Astra
      • Hoechlin plays Clark/Kal and Cyborg Superman
      • Annable plays Sam and Reign
      • In addition, several recurring characters (Kara Schott, Winslow, Winn-X, and LX-13) are played by Benoist, Jordan, and Rosenbaum.
  • Jordan is only credited for the episodes in which he appears.
  • The Big Bad of this season is Brainiac. Other major antagonists include General Sam Lane, Lex Luthor, General Dru-Zod, while supporting villains include Thomas Coville, Lesla-Lar, Commander Fer-Gor, Reign, Alura Zor-El, Jindah Kol Rozz, and Vandal Savage.
    • Alura serves as a personal, if misguided, antagonist to Kara and Kal.
    • General Lane and Lex collude to destroy the Kryptonian race.
    • General Zod works to usurp control of New Krypton (while also being Kal's nemesis), with Lesla-Lar, Non, and Gor a part of his conspiracy. Vandal Savage works against them with the same goal.
    • Coville serves as the main external antagonist of Samantha's storyline, while Reign serves as Samantha's source of internal conflict.
    • Jindah serves as the background "Bigger Bad" for everything unrelated to Brainiac, as she hopes to manipulate events in order to gain power for herself and reestablish the worship of Reign (with the ultimate objective of returning Krypton to its warmongering ways).
    • All of the antagonists personify certain vices: Alura and Lane = xenophobia, Zod = megalomania and elitism, Lex = manipulation, Lesla = arrogance, Gor = abuse of power, Jindah and Coville = religious fanaticism, and Savage = pride.
  • Kara and Karen are the only characters to appear in every episode this season.
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