Supergirl No More
Season 4, Episode 9
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Air date TBD
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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Aftermath Going Rogue
Supergirl No More is the ninth episode of Supergirl Season 4 and the 75th episode overall. It is the first part of the 3-part RED storyline.


GRIEF IS A POWERFUL MOTIVATOR- Full of a newfound rage towards humanity, Kara Danvers accepts Zod's "gift" and casts away her Supergirl persona in favor of a more brutal style of vigilantism. Kal-El and Lucy Lane debate the proper method of dealing with Kara, while Karen Starr looks to meet Kara's newfound ruthlessness with her own. Alex Danvers and James Olsen follow Kara with disastrous results.

Main CastEdit

Special Guest StarEdit

  • Sarah Shahi as Ursa

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