Stacy McAlister
Birthdate December 25, 1989 (age 22)
Family Unnamed Parents

Unborn son

Occupation Waitress
Species Hybrid
Transfiguration date 12/31/2012 (by Angelique Mikaelson)

Status Deceased
Cause of death Stabbed (as a hybrid)
Killed by Fiona Monroe (as a hybrid)
Played by Stacey Farber
First seen Let Her Go
Last seen Seven Months Later

Stacy Labonair was the waitress who takes over when Camille O'Connell is murdered. A college student at the University of New Orleans, she is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy after recently being sexually assaulted by a man she trusted. She is later revealed to be one of the final two surviving members of the Crescent Wolf Pack.

The Originals Season 1Edit

She is first seen serving Klaus at Rousseau's. He is off-put by her terseness and compels her to tell him about herself. She informs him that she was raped by a friend, is on the outs with her parents, as 19 credit hours at school, and is 23 weeks pregnant.

Later, she tells Susanna Delacroix that she is looking into a family in Nebraska to adopt her baby when Susanna is confronted by Celina about Susanna's presence in the Quarter. During this exchange, she is privy to the information that Susanna is Celina'a biological mother.

She is later revealed to be a werewolf who disowned her family upon learning of Hope's conception. She is with her cousin Hannah when Freya Mikaelson and Papa Tunde coerce the rest of Louisiana's werewolves into Dahlia's service and makes plans to leave New Orleans.

Stacy is later informed of Hannah's death via hex and grieves for her in Lafayette Cemetery.

When Genevieve arrives at Rousseau's, Stacy is wary but Cami tells her everything is fine. The young girl waits outback, where Freya Mikaelson hexes her into killing her unborn child and triggering her werewolf gene. Freya also makes Stacy keep the rebar she used to kill her child inside of her, ensuring that she cannot heal and will die. She is found by Angelique Mikaelson who, not knowing her abilities, turns her into a hybrid. She presumably perished in the destruction of the city.

The Originals Season 2Edit

In Seven Months Later, we find out that Stacy survived, but is soon killed all the same by an assassin named Fiona Monroe, disguised as Liana, who states that her employer cannot allow any hybrids to remain alive.


  • 6/78 (TO)

(TO S1) (5/24)

(TO S2) (1/24)


  • With the death of her unborn child and the death of Stacy herself, the pure Crescent Wolf bloodline is extinct.
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