Sophie Deveraux
Birthdate 1986 (age 26)
Family Jane-Anne Deveraux (sister, deceased)

Monique Deveraux (niece, deceased)

Occupation Waitress
Species Witch

Significant spells Linking Spell
Status Deceased
Cause of death Supernaturally-induced brain hemorrhage
Killed by Monique Deveraux
Played by Daniella Pineda
First seen Always and Forever
Last seen The Puppet Mistress
Sophie Deveraux was a witch of the New Orleans coven, and a skeptic concerning the power of the Ancestors, skepticism for which she was later murdered by her own niece.

The Originals Season 1Edit

In Always and Forever, she informs the Mikaelson brothers of Hayley's pregnancy as well as her being linked to Hayley.

In Marcellus,

In M is for Mikaelson,

In Mothers,

In Performances,

In Le Serpent dans le Jardin,

In Blood For Blood, she is drinking away her supposed failure and gets in a fight with Marcel and Cami over her actions. Monique later executes her for her lack of faith.

In Liturgical Consternations, she appears as one of Kieran's hallucinations.

In Our Family's Hope, she appears as a ghost helping to defend Hope from the Harvest Girls. She fails and is dragged back to the Ancestral Plane.

The Originals Season 2Edit

In The Puppet Mistress, her corpse was possessed by Esther to warn the Mikaelson siblings about the presence of The Shachath in the city. In a rage, Kol throws a coat rack at Sophie's body, impaling it to the wall.

The Originals Season 3Edit

In Things We Lost in the Fire, she appears in the dreamscape taunting Elijah over his failures.


  • It can be assumed that her body was returned to the City of the Dead. After New Orleans was leveled, it is unknown what happened to her spirit.


  • 17/50 (TO)

(TO S1) (14/14)

(TO S2) (1/13)

(TO S3) (1/11)

(TO S4) (1/12)

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