The Vampire Diaries
Season 2, Episode 9 (23)
Air date October 9, 2015
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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The Destroyer
Seven Months Later the ninth episode of the The Originals Season 2 and the 23rd episode overall.


THE SIBLINGS FACE ENEMIES ON ALL SIDES- With the siblings scattered across the country in the wake of Dahlia's resurrection, an emotionally numb Davina finds herself turning to unlikely allies to get her vengeance on those she deems responsible for what happened to her home. Rebekah is un-daggered and given an ultimatum by the last person she expected. Caroline continues to cozy up to Taylor Kingston, while Christabella Marcoux orchestrates an attack that hits the Mikaelsons where it hurts most. Finally, Davina meets one man who may be her ultimate salvation or her final destruction.


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JOCHI stands over a newly rejuvenated SIPHONER, who is crouching, the witch's chains now on the floor. Shattered beyond repair. Jochi hands him an apple, which the witch greedily snatches and begins chowing down on. He notices Jochi’s unimpressed countenance.

THE SIPHONER: What? I got something on my face?

JOCHI: You were not exactly… who we expected.


JOCHI: My associates and I are very particular about we they reach out to. When my employer requested that I find a witch of great power, I anticipated discovering someone significantly older.

THE SIPHONER: Thanks for bailing me out of this dump, but I work far better alone, vampire.

He shoves past Jochi. Whatever he senses during this brief contact is enough to make him think twice. He turns around, a mischievous grin adorning his face.

THE SIPHONER: But you’re not just a vampire, are you?

JOCHI: Not in the slightest, Siphoner.

This seems to amuse the both of them.

THE SIPHONER: Well, I suppose if we’re going to be business partners, you’ll need to know my name. I’m Kai. Kai Parker.

He offers his hand, which Jochi shakes.

JOCHI: Welcome to the 21st Century, Mr. Parker.




Caption 1: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Caption 2: Seven Months Later

DAVINA and FREYA are playing pool. Davina breaks. Her attire is darker, more mature.

DAVINA: When are you gonna tell me why you had me brought back?

Freya hits the ‘4’ ball into a side pocket.

FREYA: Taryn Clint owed me one. I needed someone with your specialties and you were the only viable candidate after that unfortunate debacle with Markos.

DAVINA: So I’m a tool. Again.

She rolls her eyes, but the venom is unmistakable.

FREYA: No, little witch. You are so much more than that to me.

DAVINA: What does that mean?

Freya opens her mouth to speak, but Davina raises her hands and an invisible force FLINGS Freya across the room.

DAVINA: Nice try.

When Freya rises, her eyes turn every color of the rainbow, stay on black for a beat, and finally return to their normal color. The occupants of the bar scatter.

The SHACHATH is back!

DAVINA: You fused yourself with my soul for six months, screwed over Marcel, Father Kieran, everyone in my home. No love lost over what you did to the Mikaelsons, but still. I’m done being your puppet, monster.

FREYA/THE SHACHATH: So why wait until now to confront me, and why so explosively? It is unlike you, Davina.

DAVINA: I wanted to see what your angle was. Dying twice and being resurrected by witches who constantly objectify me has made me a little impatient. I don’t even know what the hell you are.

THE SHACHATH: It’s complicated, but I want to help you.

DAVINA: Because you showed me that so well back in New Orleans.

She stalks out of the establishment. The Shachath is smarter than to follow and instead evaporates like so much smoke.


Caption: Seattle, Washington

A simple hotel room. Not too elaborate, but not depressingly monochrome. The type of hotel room one night find above a casino, the third floor of the establishment.

The shower is running. A large twin bed is thoroughly disheveled. MARCEL wakes to find ANGELIQUE staring pensively out the window overlooking the highway. It’s midmorning. He goes to her, laying gentle hands on her shoulders.

MARCEL: You okay?

ANGELIQUE: I’m not sure, Marcel. I’m not sure at all.

She turns to him, glassy-eyed.

ANGELIQUE: Brother, what am I?

MARCEL: You’re special.

ANGELIQUE: Am I just? I- I feel more than that, Marcel! That dying girl I saved when New Orleans fell, she is now neither werewolf nor vampire. And you! You have been transmogrified into that which you despise the most! You almost tore Camille to shreds last month. She has a thing for my father, whom I have not seen but a handful of occasions before my home was destroyed by some glorified pissing match between my mysterious aunt and a random old man. I… I feel the pull of the moon on the nights when it is full, as you do, I crave blood more so than I previously believed anyone could crave anything, and I can heal myself of all wounds! I can perform feats of magic without the need for the spoken word like those dark witches who my family faced and by whom my father and uncles were almost murdered. I am the monster’s monster, Marcel; that is what I am. That is what I shall remain for the remainder of my days. A twisted amalgamation of nature, beast, and atrocity. I did not asked to be conceived by some “liquor-fueled one-night stand between two psychopaths” as I have often heard the witches of this area snicker behind my back as we passed by on our daily walks. I am not a vampire, I am not a werewolf, and I most certainly am not a witch in the traditional sense; I fit in nowhere and with no one.

Marcel embraces her as she begins sobbing into his chest. Cami exits the bathroom, wrapped in a towel. She comes over to the window and hugs Angelique from behind, nestling her head into the crook of the young girl’s neck.

CAMI, MARCEL: Shh… Hushh-shh-shh-shh.

From the streets below, a TALL, HISPANIC MAN gazes into the window at the emotional trio. This is SOLOMON, and his eyes zero in on Angelique like a hawk hunting the perfect prey.


Caption 1: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Caption 2: New York City, New York

KOL and GIA stare scholarly at Portrait of Madame X.

GIA: Is there something you wanna teach me here?

KOL: It is a study in opposition. Sargent shows a woman posing in a black satin dress with jeweled straps, a dress that reveals and hides at the same time. The portrait is characterized by the pale flesh tone of the subject contrasted against a dark colored dress and background. I turned her. Not long after this portrait was completed, I served her up to Mikael so he wouldn’t kill me.

GIA: You were in France?

KOL: For a time, young Gia, for a time. About a century after Nik daggered me in Cadiz, Elijah let me out and I went to France for a time. My extracurricular activities alerted my father and he tried to stake me, thinking I was lying about Nik’s whereabouts. Elijah and Klaus found me not long after Mikael left, stuck me back in a box for another six months. Did Marcel ever mention the time I tried to put on Hamlet for him with those atrocious American actors?

GIA: He told me you were a raging psycho.

KOL: Do I seem a “raging psycho” now?

GIA: Well-


An alarm sounds: WEE-OO-EE-OO-EE—OO-EE!

KOL: Thieves? Really?

Kol rounds a corner and a disheveled JULES (the werewolf sacrifice from The Vampire Diaries) bumps into him. Her eyes glow a pale yellow for a split second before she darts off, becoming lost in the crowd. Kol grabs a security guard.

KOL: What did she steal?

GUARD: Nothing. Drunkard crashing into things is all. She broke a vase, but we’ll get her.

KOL (compelling him): Leave her to my friend and I.

He lets the guard go and speeds away with Gia.



STACY enters and sits down at the counter. The bartender turns around. The two women instantly seem to recognize each other.

STACY: Liana.

LIANA: Stacy! You’re alive!

She hops over the counter and hugs Stacy tightly. Stacy laughs, crying happily.

LIANA: I heard about that disaster in New Orleans, I am so glad you got out.

STACY: That’s a bit of a long story, actually…

LIANA: S, no. The hybrid got to you, didn’t he?

STACY: His daughter.

LIANA: Klaus’ child is alive?

STACY: Yup. She, uh, saved my life from this crazy witch.

LIANA: You’re a hybrid now, then.

STACY: Li, I am still me I swear.

Fiona considers the woman in front of her for a moment, opens her mouth to say something. Stacy agonizes. We see her torturing herself mentally over and over.

LIANA: You are still family. I love you no matter what.

She lovingly embraces Stacy, who reciprocates. Stacy buries her face in Liana’s red hair.

LIANA: But he can’t allow you to survive. I’m sorry.

She plunges her free hand into Stacy’s chest and YANKS out her heart. The simultaneous shock and betrayal is plain as day on her face. Utter and complete heartbreak and devastation. Liana talks to the body at her feet.

LIANA/FIONA: I am so sorry, but Liana is long dead. My name is Fiona Monroe.

She whips out her cell phone and calls ETHAN POPE. Her voice breaks with every word.

FIONA: Ethan, it’s me. The hybrid girl is dead. You shouldn’t have made me lie to those bayou wolves for months, or I should not have let myself get attached, I don’t know. It’s immaterial now. I’ll be meeting up with Parker and Sinclair soon. I’ll call you then.

She hangs up, dropping the heart next to the corpse.


KINGSTON and BRAVURA look at Celina’s headstone.

BRAVURA: Sir? You’ve come up here at least five times a day every day since we put her in the ground. Surely there are other ways you can occupy your time? Perhaps go home and-

KINGSTON: Go home to what? My wife, my sweet Jessica, died in the car accident that put my daughter in that coma for that brief infinity. The last few hours of her life, my daughter did not trust me because I kept her true parentage from her, and I cannot even seek solace in the arms of that whore anymore because she is dead as well! Now, I’ve sent Joanna to tail that devilish family and she’s been giving me updates every 24 hours on the hour. So far nothing has been substantiated. They are all in the wind, scattered across the country like so much- ugh! I can’t even find the words for those atrocities. All I know is that my daughter is dead and they are responsible for it. I’d like a moment alone, Darien, if you don’t mind.

Bravura nods and turns. Tight angle on his hand as he fiddles with his moonlight ring. SOLOMON peels himself from a nearby tree and stands beside Kingston.

KINGSTON: You must be Solomon. Miss Forbes informed me that you could help me?

SOLOMON: I can help you with whatever you need, Mr. Senator.

KINGSTON: The Mikaelson issue can wait. I did a very bad thing not too long ago. A family in Portland were slaughtered by a power-hungry warlock by the name of Silas. This Silas came to me one night, told me that the aforementioned family was working with Ethan Pope’s terrorist organization to assassinate me and, like a fool, I listened to him. I was paranoid, scared for my life.

SOLOMON: What was the name of this family?

KINGSTON: Parker; the middle daughter Olivia was the only survivor and from what I understand she is indeed working with Pope himself. I believe she is the one who ordered the hit on my daughter. I need you to take her out for me.

SOLOMON: I’ll let my contact in D.C. know.


Caption: Boston, Massachusetts

A workspace fit for a modern Vincent van Gogh. Paintings in various stages of completion, many hardly even begun, litter the floor. Several easels are near the open door to a balcony. KLAUS himself paints what looks to be a portrait of his now-adult daughter, in a warrior’s pose, fighting off a demonic-looking Dahlia. ELIJAH enters.

ELIJAH: While I admire your choice of palette, Niklaus, might I suggest a wider variety of subjects?

He gestures to several unfinished versions of the same image.

KLAUS: That psychopath is still out there, I can sense it, Elijah.

ELIJAH: Were that the case, brother, she has had ample opportunity to come for Angelique. The battle with Analektos was most likely too much for her weakened, freshly reborn form to handle. Not once in seven months has she shown her face to anyone in our inner circle, nor have our spies seen her. I believe we have more pressing concerns than your… trust issues with death.

KLAUS: Such as what?

ELIJAH: Taylor Kingston and his manipulation by those who wish to see us hunted down.

KLAUS: What can one mortal man do to us, hmm? We are the Originals. We are the Mikaelson family! There is naught that can stand against us when we are united.

ELIJAH: That is precisely the point, brother. We are not united. We are scattered to the wind like so many seeds in preparation for the season’s harvest. Our only human allies were turned against us by foul play. Our most powerful supernatural allies are no longer with us. This Davos wishes us either captured or dead. Our only leads as to these “Old Ones” are long vanished.

KLAUS: You have yet to explain to me why we needed Taylor Kingston in the first place.

ELIJAH: Are you so naïve as to believe that our centuries-old masquerade has remained thus? The humans are aware of our existence, at least in fables. The minority who genuinely believe in us have begun hunting us. Guerrilla tactics by those unaffiliated with the Organization have placed us at a sore disadvantage. On that note, the Organization has its own vampire crisis here in Boston.

KLAUS: A crisis that does not concern us in the slightest. The Organization of Hunters can burn itself to the ground for all I care, if these rumors of infighting are true. The sooner we leave this city the better.

ELIJAH: Brother, we needed Kingston because he saw a way to unite the communities for the betterment of all. Now I fear he simply wishes us exterminated. Every vampire, werewolf, and hybrid… whatever else there may be. A woman in his employ has been trailing us for quite some time. She knows who we are. Her bullets are made of white oak. She is also in league with Tunde and Eva Sinclair.

This grabs Klaus’ attention.

KLAUS: At the soonest possible time, schedule a meet with the senator. I will come with you.

Confident that he has gotten what he came for, Elijah departs with a smile.


Caption: Chicago, Illinois

TUNDE, EVA, and JOANNA sit in the arms-filled back of the vehicle, bickering.

TUNDE: It has been too long, vampire. I am tempted to use you in my next sacrificial spell so that I may confront the hybrid bastard myself.

JOANNA: Have I not stressed patience, Alphonse? Kingston wants him dead, but I adore the chase. It will make putting the white oak bullet in his heart all the more satisfying.

EVA: The eldest brother is less than 100 yards away from us! I saw we use him to find the others!

JOANNA: I said wait, Eva.

EVA: You have said that exact word countless times a day since we left what remained of that wretched city. The Mikaelsons deserve to be punished for what they did to the French Quarter Coven, and I am in the instrument of their will.

JOANNA: Is that what you said when you slaughtered children for their power, Sinclair? I-

The doors are WRENCHED OPEN and TORN from their hinges, flying several feet backward. To everyone’s surprise, there stands a very upset REBEKAH!

REBEKAH: I heard you were going to hurt my siblings. Which one of you wants to die first?




The trio is on the ground, Rebekah looming over them.

JOANNA: How? You were neutralized and buried under the ruins of the Abattoir!

REBEKAH: Davina came back a couple weeks ago. Recently, she's also hexed me.

She pulls up her right sleeve to reveal this hex. It’s different then what has been seen before: a spiral looping around her forearm.

REBEKAH (to Eva): I need you.

She grabs Eva and speeds off before either of the other two can react. After a moment’s hesitation, Joanna SPEEDS after her.


Rebekah speeds in, dumping Eva on the ground. The witch cries out and coughs. Davina emerges from the shadows.

DAVINA: Thank you, Rebekah.

REBEKAH: Undo the bloody hex, Davina! I need to find my niece!

DAVINA: Your niece will do just fine by herself. Besides, that was part one.

REBEKAH: I will shred-

She advances, but Davina holds up her hand, stopping the vampire in her tracks.

REBEKAH: This isn’t like you, Davina. You’ve been dabbling in dark magic, haven’t you?

DAVINA: A woman named Christabella came to me. She said she would help me defeat those who destroyed my home.

REBEKAH: Blame Dahlia and the wolves for what happened! We did nothing wrong, you whining child! Don’t take your inferiority complex out on us.

DAVINA: You yourself didn’t do anything. It’s your brothers I want. You’re a lure.

She makes two fists and Rebekah screams in agony.


Klaus gasps, clutching his chest.


Elijah, in casual attire, is hanging up his pants. He pitches forward, grasping at the wall for support, and begins sweating.


FINN falls to his knees and begins bleeding from his eyes.


Kol is driving away from the museum, with Gia riding shotgun and an unconscious Jules in the backseat. He begins convulsing and bleeding from all his orifices. He loses control of the wheel and, although Gia tries to right the vehicle, the car careens off the road and into a pharmacy.


Davina lets up on Rebekah, who collapses.

EVA: What did you need me for?

Davina’s eyes flash scarlet for an instant.

DAVINA: You’ll see.

Eva screams as something violently exits from Davina’s eyes and into Eva’s.


Cami is flipping channels mindlessly. A knock at the door. Several more knocks, each more insistent. Finally, Cami kicks off the bed and opens the door. A disheveled KIERAN stands there for a moment before collapsing into his niece’s arms.

CAMI: Uncle Kieran? What’s wrong?

He gasps and begins convulsing. Cami lays him down on the bed.

CAMI: Angelique! Help me!

Angelique dashes out of the bathroom, a towel hurriedly thrown around her body.

ANGELIQUE: What’s happened?

CAMI: I don’t know.

Angelique kneels at his bedside. He is sweating profusely, but the convulsions all but stop once she touches his forehead.

ANGELIQUE: He’s been poisoned. Werewolf venom mixed with… something else. Something worse.

CAMI: How do you know that?

ANGELIQUE: Whatever the Shachath did to me in order to accelerate my maturation heightened my senses considerably. Magic is special and its signature is unique to each witch.

CAMI: Like a barcode?

ANGELIQUE (a little lost): Yeah, sure. I’ve only had adult brain function for seven months, aunt Cami. Try not to use the technical terms too much. Heh.

CAMI: So what are we dealing with, or who?

Angelique touches Kieran’s forehead and chest.

ANGELIQUE: Does the name ‘Christabella’ mean anything to you?

Cami shakes her head no, but Kieran nods a ‘yes’.

KIERAN (weakly): One of the Old Ones. Find her.

CAMI: I’ll make her heal you!

KIERAN (weakly): You can’t. This isn’t a hex. I’m a message. She wants… the hybrid child…

He begins desiccating rapidly. Cami begins shaking him, sobbing, as if she can will him back to health by sheer force.

CAMI (crying): No! No! Uncle Kieran, I just got you back, you can’t…

Kieran’s hand goes slack in hers and his head turns to one side, his eyes staring blankly ahead. Cami sobs into his chest. Angelique looks confused. ‘What just happened?’ Lost, like the child she truly is.


Rebekah lies in the center of an alien pattern on the floor. A spell of some sort? Davina lays next to her. Eva circles the pattern. Clockwise. Counterclockwise. The women inside are clearly suffering and she is enjoying every moment of it. But is this truly Eva, or the thing that was formerly inside of Davina?

EVA: Vampires. Witches. An Original and a Harvest Girl. One infinitely durable and the other ridiculously fragile. Both significant sources of power.

A large metal door FLIES at her. She bends backward as it sails over her harmlessly. KOL and ELIJAH burst in, the former tackling her to the ground.

KOL: Hello, witch. I-

He senses something is amiss and whatever it is frightens him.

KOL: No…

EVA: What? You didn’t think you could rid of old Kali so easily, now did you?

Kol leaps back, almost hyperventilating.

ELIJAH: What is it, brother? What is wrong?

KOL: Find a way to break that spell.

The wind picks up, blowing the chalk asunder.


FREYA appears from the shadows.

KALI: You…

FREYA: Wraiths. I should have guessed.

ELIJAH: Freya?

FREYA: Hello, Elijah. Kol. Brothers dear.

KOL: This is truly you?

FREYA: As true as can be. Go. Take Rebekah and Davina out of here. I will handle the abomination.

Elijah picks up Rebekah, and Kol flings Davina over his shoulder. The men speed away. Freya turns to face Kali.

FREYA: What do you want?

KALI: What my master wants, Freya Mikaelson.

FREYA: Iblis? What quarrel has he with us?

KALI: The same quarrel he has with the angels: their bodies. He is envious of them and wishes for us to be capable of coming and going from this earth without the need of possessing one of these… smelly things. That was where you lot come in. I-

Eva’s head rotates a full 360 degrees. The body collapses, lifelessly, to the ground. Freya lowers her hand and sighs nonchalantly.

FREYA: Too bad Iblis couldn’t make the bodies his people inhabit more durable. Goodbye Kali. I trust the Dark Dimension will be unkind to you.

She kneels by Eva’s corpse.

FREYA: But you, Miss Sinclair, you could continue to be of use to my family.


Marcel enters to find Cami on the bed, pressed against Kieran’s body. Angelique stands off to the side, still confused and in shock. Marcel gets on the bed and spoons Cami. He whispers into her hair:

MARCEL (whispering): We will find Marcoux, I swear to you. If it is the last thing I do, I will tear her heart from her chest and cram it down her throat.


Elijah sits by Rebekah, who is still unconscious and lying on Klaus’ lavish couch. Klaus is pacing, restless.

KLAUS: Who did this?

ELIJAH: Eva Sinclair, but this magic is not native to this dimension. I believe the witch was possessed.

KLAUS: By what? Ghosts are out of the question. The spirit world is destroyed, as is the Ancestral commune. The Shachath has not been seen since our home was razed, and besides, it does not possess. It changes its shape to suit whatever fell intent it has up its sleeve. What did this thing do to her?

ELIJAH: Outwardly? Nothing. The symbol in which she and Davina were enclosed were-

KLAUS: Davina is alive?

ELIJAH: Yes, and angrier at us than ever. She holds us responsible for the destruction of New Orleans.

KLAUS: Of course she does. The girl is incapable of accepting fault. She thinks everything she does is justified.

ELIJAH: So she is a typical teenager?

KLAUS (groans): Indeed, and all the maturity of one to top it off.

ELIJAH: And worse, she is in league with Christabella. Another hapless victim of her centuries of nefarious machinations, no doubt. I will deal with Davina. You stay with our sister.

He turns to leave, but is halted by a gun in his face. JOANNA has her trigger finger poised to do some “redecorating”.

JOANNA: Elijah.

ELIJAH: You again.

He grabs the gun from her hand and decks her. Her face bloodied, she springs back up and a fight ensues. Klaus watches with a strange fascination. ‘Who exactly is this woman?’

Elijah and Joanna trade punches. Joanna sweeps Elijah’s feet from under him and puts a knife to his throat. A knife coated with vervain. She presses down.

ELIJAH: Aaahgggghhh!

JOANNA: Kingston sends his regards.

She speeds away. Klaus snickers and helps Elijah to his feet.

KLAUS: Shall we run her down?

ELIJAH: Not yet. However… if she continues to pursue us, then and only then we shall send a message to the senator. The man needs to know that we are not to be trifled with.

KLAUS: And having a vampiric assassin stalk us for the better part of the year is not warrant enough to present such a message? Chicken-on-a-doorstep type of thing?

ELIJAH: Only if it comes to that. Do you want to be on a government hit list in addition to whatever is going on with Christabella?

KLAUS: Find the witch. Then we can discuss what to do with the pesky mortal who thinks he can hold a candle to us.

ELIJAH: Call me if she wakes up.

He speeds away. He turns back to Rebekah’s prone form and sighs.


Davina wakes up, laying in the backseat with Jules. The werewolf is most unhappy. Gia looks back at the odd pair.

GIA: Kol, the brat’s awake.

KOL: Afternoon, love.

Davina tries to lash out with one of her spells, but finds the cursed shackles firmly around her wrists.

DAVINA: You must be Kol.

KOL: The one and only. I hear you want to make my family suffer. We may not be on the best of terms, but they are still family. I simply-

The car stops.

GIA: What the hell?


The car then swerves. Flips. Flips three more times. It’s more a trashed heap now than a vehicle.


Davina coughs. Jules is lying halfway through the shattered windshield, unconscious. Gia is a few feet from the car, bloodied. Glass in her throat. She pulls it out, looks up.

KOL: What the hell happened?

He sees SOMEONE waltz up and kneel in front of Gia. We see that the someone is KAI!

KAI: You know, I’ve never drained a baby vamp before. Let’s see what happens.

He lays his hands on Gia, who begins desiccating.

KOL: No!

He kicks his way out of the car and speeds toward Kai, tackling him. Kai begins siphoning Kol, who gasps for breath. The mutant witch then heads for the car and grabs Davina. Siphons her and vanishes.

GIA: Davina!

Gia hauls the witch from the car. Davina is ghastly pale, her eyes dead. Elijah arrives on the scene.

ELIJAH: Is she-

GIA: Alive, barely. He took her magic, or at the very least most of it.

ELIJAH: But she does live?

GIA: I guess you could call it that. You said your family had those creepy coffins, right? Do you have a spare?

KOL: Why do we care about this teenager, brother?

ELIJAH: Marcel is the closest thing she has to family, and Marcel is family. I will not allow the machinations of a lunatic like Christabella Marcoux to fracture this family any further.


Eva’s corpse lies prone. Freya sits by it. Suddenly, Eva sits up. She is confused.

FREYA: Hello, Rebekah.

Eva is gone. The other Mikaelson sister looks at Freya in shock.

REBEKAH: What the bloody hell did you do?




A haggard man jolts awake, most violently. This is KILLIAN. Pan around his house; it is filled with various medieval weaponry and some vervain grenades similar to the one used on Elijah in The Vampire Diaries’ episode Rose. Killian grumbles and stands, only to find MIKAEL standing in front of him. He is bloody, as if he has recently fed.

MIKAEL: Hello, Killian.

Killian is unfazed.

KILLIAN: Mikael.

MIKAEL: I find your ways a bit archaic, but they serve our purposes. My children are currently scattered, but I have faith that you will find them.

KILLIAN: Shall we train more, or am I ready? I will slay them all and put an end to the whole race of leeches.

MIKAEL: Not yet. You must wait until-

KILLIAN: I tire of waiting.

He thrusts his hands forward, but finds nothing but empty air.


Killian awakes- again- slumped against the wall of his abode. His nose is bloody.

KILLIAN: Stay out of my head, vampire.

He grumbles and stands, his grip tightening on the large and fearsome axe in his hand.


Rebekah angrily stalks away from Freya, who remains as composed as ever.

REBEKAH: I cannot protect my niece in this body, Freya. Do you not understand that?

FREYA: You are not meant to protect her alone. That is my duty as the eldest.

REBEKAH: You do not even know us, why do you care so much?

FREYA: I have observed you all from afar for centuries, as I once told Kol. I do know you, in some ways better than even you know yourselves. You are fundamentally good people. I have the utmost faith that, united, we will destroy this new threat to our family.

REBEKAH: What threat?

FREYA: The Old Ones. Like Dahlia, they have sensed Angelique’s magic. But while Dahlia only wished to draw from the child so as to circumvent the slumber spell should she arise again, I fear Davos and his minions wish far worse upon her and upon all of us.

REBEKAH: But that does not answer my question: why this body?

FREYA: Christabella has been in constant contact with both her and Tunde since the fall of New Orleans. Logically, this means both Sinclair and Tunde are working Kingston and Davos’ factions against each other. For what purpose, I am unsure. The spell Kali created was meant to kill you in due time. I saved your life, dear sister.

REBEKAH: And I should thank you, then, for sticking me inside a serial killer?

FREYA: Only until such time as we have what we need. You were a spy during the American Revolution, for the British, were you not?

REBEKAH: I see your point. But I have no knowledge of magic, how do you expect me to-

FREYA: I will train you. Come. We cannot be in contact with anyone for several days and we must only use the most basic of spells for the time being.


FREYA: Davos will sense us. He knows of my breaking ties with his ilk and I will not bring his wrath down upon us all if I can help it.

REBEKAH: You truly are the best of us, Freya.

FREYA: I could not leave my only sister to rot in a ruined basin, now could I?

They embrace and vanish in a cloud of black smoke.


Klaus silently observes his sister’s former body as Elijah and Kol stride inside.

ELIJAH: Anything?

KLAUS: This body is empty.

Kol rushes forward, grabbing Rebekah’s hand.

KOL: Her soul still exists, brothers, but Nik is right. I cannot locate which body she has found herself in. Someone placed a powerful cloaking spell around our dearest sister. What little magic I can sense is dark. Hellish, even. It reeks of Expression.

ELIJAH: Has the Shachath returned?

KLAUS: I doubt it.

KOL: No, it has not. I would know.


KOL: How do you think my soul escaped the Dark Dimension and made it to New Orleans? All by my lonesome? Those whom the Shachath resurrects can sense its location. It’s kind of a neural link. However, I sense that it is blocking me.

ELIJAH: That is maddeningly unhelpful. Where is Davina?

KOL: Downstairs, occupying the coffin Niklaus made for our mother.

KLAUS: The whore is still in the wind.

CHRISTABELLA materializes from the shadows like a ghost.

CHRISTABELLA: And we are all the better for it.

The brothers go on the defensive.

CHRISTABELLA: Relax, boys. I only wish to chat.

ELIJAH: We have nothing to say to you.

CHRISTABELLA: Oh, but I have much to say to you. Finn is alive. As is Freya. Rebekah has been un-daggered. The Siphoner has been freed. Kingston hunts you most relentlessly, even if his assassins are most dull and ineffective. You will need us. I give you a month, tops.

Elijah and Klaus’ phones begin ringing.

CHRISTABELLA: Oh, you may want to get that.

She vanishes as soon as she appeared.


Klaus barges in. He finds his daughter and Marcel unconscious and a window smashed. Cami’s cell phone buzzes, but the woman herself is nowhere to be found.

KLAUS: What is the meaning of this?

He takes her phone, opens it, and listens to a voicemail.

KAI (voice): Hello, Niklaus. You don’t know me yet, but you will. Or maybe you do. Were you a part of my entombment? I know the priest was, and he’s dead, so… I guess I’ll take my anger out on your pretty little Camille. She’s a gem, she is. Talks too much, though, so I might or might not have sewn her lips together. Hehe. You wanna come find me? Tough. Christabella will know. Find her first and then we’ll talk about getting your therapist back. In what condition, that depends entirely on you. See you soon.

The voicemail ends. Klaus growls.


It is most lavish indeed. Befitting of one such as the great Elijah Mikaelson. However, now it looks as though a cyclone burst through it. Elijah bursts in.

ELIJAH: Alana!!! Alana!

He kneels down and picks up a broken picture frame. The picture is of himself and a petite blonde woman. The woman kisses his cheek and is utterly beaming. Elijah even smiles. Brightly, in fact. Kai has left Alana’s phone. Elijah listens to his voicemail:

KAI (voice): Elijah. You remember me, right? The Parker boy. The Siphoner. You can thank, err… Joshy for freeing me. Asian fellow. Kind of intimidating. Likes suits, like you. I imagine you turned him back in the day? He claims to be older than you but I’m not sure how that is possible. Oh, well.

Elijah’s ire rises with each word.

KAI (voice): Now, I took your brother’s therapist. Seemed only fair that I take your girlfriend. Back in my day, though, you didn’t live together until you got married. Shame on you both. I might have to teach you a lesson and distribute tiny pieces of her throughout the wonderful city of Boston. I’ll be sure to record her screams for your post-mortem pleasure. Maybe you can jack off to that from now on. You have until midnight.

The voicemail ends.


Caption: Arlington, Virginia

Seedy. Militaristic. Christabella, in her while heels and floral dress, walks down the hall. The door at the end opens and Rebekah enters. Christabella turns.

CHRISTABELLA: Eva! We thought we had lost you!

REBEKAH: I, err, got a little sidetracked. That brat Davina.

CHRISTABELLA: I hear Kai has taken care of her. And that pesky little Gia. The less who knew the Siphoner is awake, the better.

REBEKAH: Gia? Kol’s little friend?

CHRISTABELLA: Mmm-hmm. Sucked her dry and left her on Kol’s doorstep. He’ll be in for quite the surprise when he gets home. If he gets home. I’ve sent Kai out to have some fun.


Christabella’s eyebrow arches.

REBEKAH: Crafty little minx, you. Good plan. Split them up.

CHRISTABELLA: Keeping them separate is Davos’ newest directive. Come now.

She leads Rebekah to the door.


Rebekah’s hand goes to the handle. It shocks and burns her.

CHRISTABELLA: Did your time with Kingston’s assassin melt your brain as well as your wit? Use your magic.

Rebekah hesitates. Closes her eyes.



She clenches her hands into fists. Breathes in, out, slowly. Exhales loudly and unclenches her fist.

The door opens.

CHRISTABELLA: There we go.

Rebekah enters first. Christabella looks after her with suspicion.


Kol descends the stairs to find Davina’s casket open. Marcel stands over his adopted daughter, tears streaming down his face. Kol places a comforting hand on Marcel’s shoulder.

KOL: There, there, Marcellus. At least she’s not dead.

MARCEL: Then what is she?

KOL: I was a witch for a few months when Esther resurrected Finn and I. I learned that a witch’s magic is not only a means of affecting change, but also something… more. Something spiritual. Guess you might call it a soul or life force. It’s what binds a witch to this mortal coil and gives them their connection to the Spirits of Nature. Not sure if they exist anymore, but the fact that witchcraft isn’t extinct should say something.

MARCEL: Neither of us have been particularly religious men.

KOL: Oh, well. Worth a shot.

He claps Marcel on the shoulder and turns to leave. Marcel grabs Kol’s arm.

MARCEL: I wanna talk to her. One last time.

KOL: You…? Oh, Marcellus. Ever the sentimentalist. Fine. For you, but just this once. Can’t let the others think I’ve gone soft, eh?

He grabs Marcel’s hand and touches Davina’s forehead.



It is raining. Davina lies on the ground, scared, shaking. Marcel approaches her.

DAVINA: Marcel! You’re alive?

She gets up and jumps into his arms. The poor girl is in hysterics.

MARCEL: Yeah. Long story.

DAVINA: The Siphoner… Marcel, he’s coming. He’ll come for all of us.


DAVINA: Kai. Kai Parker. No one is safe so long as he’s around.

MARCEL: Davina, Kai is long dead. I made sure of that a long time ago.

DAVINA: Well, you should’ve tried harder. You and Elijah both. Now he’s algned himself with those who would see the Mikaelsons dead or deposed. Normally, I wouldn’t care but you’re still linked to Klaus, and-

MARCEL: D. I’m a wolf now.

His eyes glow yellow.


MARCEL: Another long story. I’m sorry, I can’t stay. I’ll visit you every day. I promise.

DAVINA: Please, Marcel! Don’t leave me alone down here! I’m so terrified.

MARCEL: Every. Day. I-


Marcel’s eyes snap open. Kol is gone.

MARCEL: Bastard.

He kisses Davina’s forehead and closes the casket.


Caption: Arkansas

Rebekah and Freya sit cross-legged opposite each other, their hands firmly clasped.

REBEKAH: Ugh! This is getting us nowhere.

FREYA: We’ve only been here a handful of minutes, Rebekah.

REBEKAH: The second Christabella realizes I cannot do magic on my own, I am dead.

FREYA: You don’t have to learn just yet. For now, you merely have to access it.

REBEKAH: “Access” what?

FREYA: A bit of Eva’s native magic still lingers in her body. Enough to disguise your soul’s presence temporarily. You need to get to the Old Ones’ compound and find out what you can about their intentions for Angelique.


A great drawing room, reminiscent of Klaus’ study. Victorian in design. Three men sit expectantly. Solomon. Jochi. A new face: LUCAN. His mere presence is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spines, and Christabella discomfort in his presence is palpable. Lucan rises, towering over Rebekah. His charming British accent belies the danger in his eyes.

LUCAN: Miss Sinclair.

Rebekah nods, ever so lightly. There is fear in her eyes. She knows this man.

LUCAN: Mission report.

Rebekah remains silent, scared into immobility.

LUCAN: Mission report. NOW!

He backhands her. Solomon rises.

SOLOMON: Lucan, that is enough. That is quite enough. I’m sure the mission was a success.

LUCAN (shouting): What is the bloody point of Davos having a witch on his payroll if she does not provide results?!

JOCHI: Enough, boy! We are here to discuss business like civilized folk, not to bear witness to your misogyny.

LUCAN: I see you sitting there, doing nothing beyond reproaching me. Were you truly alarmed at my behavior, I would have a few broken bones by now. Your double standards when it comes to witches amuse me, Jochi. Is that why Davos sent you to awaken the Siphoner, because he was getting tired of your entitlement? I am surprised you are still around, given what he is.

JOCHI: I offered him a fraction of my magic to do away with the Claire witch. As I understand it, he also killed a bystander. One of the Mikaelsons’… pets. Out of pure spite for them. I like him already, Lucan. It is you who project your racism against witch-kind onto me.

LUCAN: Ever since you were turned, you always thought yourself better than them.

CHRISTABELLA: Boys! What use has this petty argument, hmm? Stop your little pissing match and listen to Miss Sinclair. I’m sure she has a wild tale to tell to account for these several months. The assassin you were with, does she know of us?


CHRISTABELLA: Does. She. Know?


Christabella kneels down to Rebekah’s eye level. Looks her straight in the eyes.

CHRISTABELLA: Eva would know. But you are not Eva, are you? Hello, Rebekah, and goodbye.

In the blink of an eye, she SNAPS the witch’s neck to one side.


Rebekah wakes up in her own body. Kol kneels down, steadying her.

KOL: Easy. Easy.

REBEKAH: Where are Nik and Elijah? I have something I needed to tell them.


ALANA KILLEEN (the blonde seen in Elijah’s photograph) is tied up on the floor. Kai stands over her. Elijah speeds in, his veins flaring.

KAI: Good, you made it.

ELIJAH: Unhand her, abomination.

KAI: You Mikaelsons. Such party poopers.

Elijah lunges at him. Kai smiles. ‘This is gonna be fun!’

KAI: Moron.

Elijah reaches him. Kai grabs him in mid-air, spins around, and choke-slams him into the floor. Kai digs his nails into Elijah’s neck. The Original begins coughing and, soon, desiccating.

KAI: Yeah. I dig this.




Elijah is almost fully desiccated when Freya swoops in and tackles Kai through the window. Elijah rolls over onto one side. He staggers to his feet and cuts Alana’s bonds. The woman clings to Elijah, sobbing.

ALANA: Baby, what’s going on?

ELIJAH: I’ll explain soon? Was there another woman with you?

ALANA: Yeah. Camille or something.

ELIJAH: Do you know where that man took her?

ALANA: I have no idea. Just take me home, please.

Elijah kisses Alana’s forehead and squeezes her tight. He picks her up bridal style and speeds away.


Kol paces the floor, head in his hands. Rebekah is indignant.

REBEKAH: I had to, Kol.

KOL: You could’ve died, Bex!

REBEKAH: It was Freya’s idea.

Freya appears in the doorway.

FREYA: Thank you for throwing me under the bus. I presented us with a tactical advantage. The Old Ones are nothing if not strategists. A war is brewing and I will be damned if I allow the family I have longed for to be destroyed by those frauds. We are the Mikaelsons. The monsters of monsters, though we would desperately believe otherwise. We are vicious and spiteful and oh-so-powerful! Those who know of our existence cower at the very mention of one of us. Imagine what we could do when united!

REBEKAH: Careful, you are beginning to sound like Klaus.

FREYA: Then so be it. I will do whatever is necessary to protect this family.

The windows blow out with a spectacular BANG.

KOL: Worse: you sound like Dahlia.

He stalks past her. Freya seems genuinely hurt by his words.

FREYA: Rebekah-

REBEKAH: I’ll get him.


Kol leans against the railing, looking out at the city as the sun sets.

REBEKAH: She means well.

KOL: I ran into her a handful of times, you know. She was somewhat unhinged every time.

REBEKAH: You are the one she accredits with saving her from Dahlia’s influence and now you just abandon her?

KOL: I cannot take another Klaus in this family.

Rebekah rolls her eyes.

REBEKAH: Trust me, I can’t either. But she is our sister and she needs us as much as we need her.

KOL: Fine. I give her until the end of the current crisis.

REBEKAH: What is your problem, Kol?

KOL (voice breaking): Gia is dead! She was my only friend after New Orleans fell and that psychopath murdered her for no reason.

REBEKAH: Don’t take your anger out on Freya! It is childish! You’re an adult! Deal with your baggage in a mature and responsible fashion!

KOL: Well, I am the youngest of us… save Henrik.

REBEKAH: Don’t bring him up. Don’t you dare!

Kol leans in, smirking. Rebekah smells his breath.

REBEKAH: Are you drunk?

KOL: Is that a rhetorical question?

REBEKAH: Get sobered up, then we’ll talk more.

She glares at him and stalks back inside.


Freya stands over an open coffin.

REBEKAH: You think you can help Davina?

Freya turns. The coffin is occupied by Eva’s body.

FREYA: Davina is currently beyond aid.

REBEKAH: How did you get this thing?

FREYA: Christabella dropped it off whilst you and Kol were arguing. Bit of a… chicken-on-a-doorstep, as Elijah seems to prefer to call warnings.

REBEKAH (chuckling): “A rather large and ominous chicken”, he called Tunde once.

FREYA: Oh, Elijah. He is such a good man. He has his faults, yes, but even with Esther splintering the Red Door, Elijah is still noble. He truly cares for this family in a way that is uncommon nowadays. It is refreshing. I also fear it will be his undoing.


Kingston climbs in, finding a rather giddy CAROLINE awaiting him. He seems disheveled.

CAROLINE: You stink of booze.

KINGSTON (slurred): Shut up and give me an evaluation of the Mikaelson situation.

CAROLINE: Oh, I’ll give you an evaluation.

She straddles him, undoes his belt. Kisses him ferociously.


Bravura stands just outside. The moans from within clearly make him uncomfortable. He shifts his weight from one foot to another and back again, humming to drown out the sex noises.


Killian is training. He throws his axe at a target. The weapon hits its mark. He turns to an effigy of Klaus. Grabs a spear and tosses it at the head without missing a beat. Hits the mark. He picks up a vervain grenade, launches it out the window. CLACK!


Killian exits to find a young blonde standing outside, the bomb having exploded all over her.

KILLIAN: Who the devil do you think you are?

WOMAN: My name is Clarice. Mikael sent me.

KILLIAN: Did he? Come in, lass.

He steps aside.

CLARICE: Thank you.

She steps inside the cabin.


Alana lies in bed with Elijah sitting in a chair at her bedside. He smoothes her hair. She whimpers in her sleep.

ELIJAH: Shh. Shh-shh-shh. I am here. I will always be here. I will never leave you. I will never run. You have nothing to fear. I will be with you until the end of your days… or mine.

He takes her head in his hands and kisses her forehead twice before touching his forehead to hers.

ELIJAH: I will find Kai Parker and I will kill him for so much as thinking of touching you.

He kisses her forehead again and exits the room.


Freya stands over Davina, regret in her eyes.

FREYA: This was not the plan. I did not spend months training you for the Shachath to replace me and making you end up here!

Elijah descends the staircase.

ELIJAH: Was the plan almost getting our sister killed?

FREYA: Do not fault me for that, it was your plan as well!

ELIJAH: Yes, and it backfired. You ignored the directive to wait until she knew what we are dealing with.

FREYA: Davos will not extend the same courtesy to us! Do you not see that? Where is Niklaus?

ELIJAH: Gallivanting after the priest’s niece, last I heard, like a lovesick fool.

FREYA: I am surprised you did not bring it up to him before now. Teasing him would certainly lighten his mood.

The siblings share a laugh.

ELIJAH: Kol wishes to apologize for his behavior.

FREYA: He said this himself?

ELIJAH (smirking): With a little… prodding, yes.

Freya smiles and ascends the staircase.


Rebekah paces as Elijah enters.

ELIJAH: What, exactly, was your thought process blindly charging into the enemy’s compound?

REBEKAH: It was a reconnaissance mission!

ELIJAH: A mission I take full responsibility for conceiving, but you chose to prematurely execute it!

REBEKAH: You are one to talk! I am doing something proactive for this family and what are you doing? Sleeping with that human?

ELIJAH: Alana has nothing to do with this!

REBEKAH: She has everything to do with your inaction! I am going back, and I-

Suddenly, she begins coughing up copious amounts of blood and, whist grabbing her chest, begins desiccating.

ELIJAH: Sister! Freya! Kol!

Rebekah staggers a few steps and then BURSTS INTO FLAMES! Freya and Kol come running. Kol throws his coat onto Rebekah but they do nothing to stop the flames. Freya begins reciting a spell.

ELIJAH: What is happening?

Freya continues chanting in Old Norse. Nothing happens.

KOL: Stop babbling and do something!

He futilely begins to beat at the flames. After a few moments, the flames subside. Rebekah’s body is charred and unmoving. The other siblings touch her. The body turns to ash in their hands.

A stunned silence.

And then:



LUCAN stands outside, his fists clenched tightly. His sadistic smile is unnerving. He turns and disappears into the night, listening to the screams within.


Klaus is painting a portrait of a nursery when Rebekah enters, flustered. It’s around the time of the episode Fruit of the Poisoned Tree.

REBEKAH: Seems you’re not so uncaring about your bun in Hayley’s oven as you would have us believe, Nik.

Klaus turns from his painting and pushes past her to the:


Klaus overlooks the entrance to the plantation house.

KLAUS: Painting is my quiet time, Rebekah.

REBEKAH: And annoying you is my favorite pastime, Niklaus. Speaking of Hayley, she finally popped. (chuckling, off Klaus’ look) It means she’s showing. God, you men really know nothing about pregnancy, do you? I know that you may care little about the prospect of an offspring, but your excessively violent response to her attempted abortion, which was her choice and never yours, tells me otherwise. What did I tell you that night? It’s okay to care and to want something. Despite our abundance of perhaps irreconcilable differences, you are still my brother. I love you.

Klaus looks at Rebekah for a long moment. The words are difficult for him to say, but eventually:

KLAUS: I… I love you, too.

He kisses her forehead and returns to his study.


The three Mikaelson siblings look at the ashes, their faces blotchy from the teary explosion of emotions. Kol cradles Freya.


Rebekah finds herself in the rainy shipyard with Davina.

REBEKAH: What the hell?

DAVINA: Rebekah?

A blinding flash of light and Rebekah vanishes.

DAVINA: Rebekah?


Rebekah and Marcel bicker about Klaus. It’s around the time of Apres Moi, Les Deluge.

MARCEL: You and your whole family! Poisonous snakes!

REBEKAH: I know you are hurting and angry, Marcel, but please hear me out. It was her or the entire city! What would you have done?

MARCEL: To hell with this city! That little girl trusted me. I loved her.

REBEKAH: I was rather fond of her myself, despite the whole fiasco of her propelling me out of a window.

This earns her a chuckle from Marcel.

MARCEL: I have no cause to be short with you, Bex. What would I do without you?

REBEKAH: Wither and die.

She pecks his cheek and leaves.


The party in Tangled Up In Blue. Rebekah and Marcel are cutting up at the bar.


The 1914 Christmas party. Rebekah and Elijah are enjoying themselves, clinking glasses of champagne with some guests.

REBEKAH: And that is why I decided to forgo the punch on that night.

The guests burst into hysterical laughter and Elijah beams at his baby sister. Rebekah beams back. Kol smiles up at them.

A true happiness is here.

Something truly irreplaceable.

Especially now.


Klaus sits at the bar and orders a nice whiskey. Freya swings in and sits beside him.

KLAUS: You again.

FREYA: Where were you?

Offended by her hostility, Klaus stands.

KLAUS: I have no idea of what you speak, Freya.

FREYA: Rebekah is dead.

This takes Klaus’ breath away. Well, it would if he had any. Freya leans in, snarling in his ear:

FREYA: Where. Were. You?

She walks away, vanishing into the shadows like a mirage. At the other side of the bar, a statuesque stunner of a woman whips out her phone. This is LIV PARKER.

PARKER: Hey. It’s me. I just wanted to let you know that I am within spitting distance of Klaus. Shall I engage?

POPE (voice): No.

PARKER: Ethan-

POPE (voice): You’ve accomplished your task of shadowing the Mikaelsons excellently, Olivia. I want you to continue to do that.

PARKER: I am so close to-

POPE (voice): Let Davos have his fun first.

The line goes dead. The bartender comes up to Liv.

LIV: I’ll have a margarita.

She watches Klaus like a hawk, but not so intently that he takes any notice. From across the room, Kai watches Liv like a bird of prey.


Kol raps on the door to room 117. A young brunette (CALLIE MERCER) in her pajamas answers. She wears a locket. It’s open. A picture of her on one side, a picture of Rebekah on the other.

KOL: You must be Callandra Mercer.

CALLIE: Callie is fine. Who are you?

KOL: My name is Kol Mikaelson. I heard you and my sister were… close?

CALLIE: Yeah. Something like that. What’s wrong? Is she okay?

KOL: May I come inside?

Callie steps aside. Kol enters. Callie shuts the door behind him.


Kingston enters, barely standing. Joanna swivels around in his chair, holding the newspaper. “KNOWN TERRORIST KAI PARKER ALIVE AND AT LARGE” blares the headline. July 23, 2013 is the date.

JOANNA: We have an unforeseen complication, senator.


Elijah is in bed, the little spoon to Alana’s big spoon. He is curled inward like a child. JOSEPHINE SALVATORE and SARIEL appear, standing over him.

SARIEL: I’m sorry, Mr. Mikaelson, but I must ask that you get up and come with us.


ELIJAH: Can you not see that I am not in the best state to do so?

SARIEL: I will give you one hour.

She vanishes, leaving an awkward Josephine with him.


ELIJAH: Come back in the morning.


Elijah is training with a well-build, dark-skinned man. Some form of hand-to-hand combat.

ELIJAH: What is the point of this?

ROAN: Control.

ELIJAH: Control over what?

ROAN: Your Red Door. You will lose a loved one soon, and you will be tempted to let it swing wide. I have not come to you in your dreams each night for the last four months in order for it to overtake you.

The training continues.


Josephine has left. A single tear falls onto Elijah’s pillow.


Freya opens her eyes to see DAHLIA sitting in front of her.

DAHLIA: Did you really think it would be so easy to escape me? Now your sister has paid the price for your ungratefulness.

Freya turns over to find a BRUNETTE lying in bed with her. She looks a little like someone we know, but older.

FREYA: Who are you?

WOMAN: Can't you see? It's me, Freya. Davina! Davina Mikaelson.

She smiles, exhibiting vampire fangs and flaring veins. She takes a bit out of Freya's neck.


Freya shrieks, jolting upright.

FREYA: Not you again…


The ruined cemetery is a nightmare landscape. Tombs are shattered, bones and corpses are strewn about haphazardly as we pan through the burial site.

Where the Harvest Ritual was once performed, a CLOAKED FIGURE is performing some sort of arcane rite. Blood, bones, and flesh begin to coalesce from the surrounding carnage until they form the body of VINCENT GRIFFITH.

His eyes SNAP OPEN and he inhales sharply before looking up.

VINCENT: What the hell?

We see the CLOAKED FIGURE is in fact ANICA.

ANICA: Welcome back to the world of the living, Mr. Griffith. A mutual friend would like to speak with you.

VINCENT: Do you have any idea what you’ve done?

In response to this ominous warning, Anica simply smiles. She knows exactly what she’s done and doesn’t care.


The doctors oversee HAYLEY. Check her vitals. There is something different about her. One looks up to an observation room. Kingston watches impassively.



A young woman is sitting at a booth. The waitress comes over. The nametag says “Sarah”. The woman looks up. “Sarah” is Genevieve, and she’s about ready to pop.

GENEVIEVE Hi, I’m Sarah! I’ll be your server tonight. What’ll you be having?

ANNE Hi. I’m Anne. I’ll have the hash browns and some bacon. Oh, I’m looking for a friend of mine. His name is Kol. Have you met him?

GENEVIEVE: I can’t say that I have.

ANNE: Well, thanks for your honesty. It’s not something I’m used to coming across these days. Well, you are certainly pregnant. You look great, you really do.

Genevieve chuckles, patting her belly.

GENEVIEVE: Yeah, I’ve got about three weeks or less to go.

ANNE: Congratulations. Do you know what you’re having?

GENEVIEVE: A boy. I’m thinking of naming him Nick.

ANNE: What made you think of that, may I ask?

GENEVIEVE: I don’t know. It just came to me, I guess! I’ll get your order right now, miss…?

ANNE: Bonny. Anne Bonny. Like the, um, the pirate.

Genevieve mulls this over for a moment, a shadow of a smile ghosting across her face.

GENEVIEVE: Your parents must really like history. I’ll get your food quick as I can, Anne!

Anne watches her go. We can see the wheels turning in her head. Her veins FLARE. She sends a text:

‘I found her’.


AURORA is chained up to a support beam in the basement. Christabella descends the staircase as Aurora startles. She's awake now, frightened terribly. Christabella kneels so as to be at the redhead's eye level.

CHRISTABELLA: Aurora, what is it?

AURORA: Rebekah! My sire, she's.... she's dead. I felt it. All of us shall fall. All of us...

She turns into a sobbing, blubbering mess in Christabella's arms.




  • Freya is familiar with wraiths.
  • Caroline is in contact with Solomon and uses her hold on Kingston to order the assassination of Liv Parker.
  • Kai was imprisoned by the combined efforts of Marcel Gerard and Elijah Mikaelson at some unknown time in the past.
  • During the seven-month time gap, Elijah trained to control his Red Door, opened by Esther several months previously.
  • Kieran is murdered by Christabella to send a message to Cami and Marcel: give up Angelique.
  • Kai siphons Davina, leaving her in some kind of catatonic state.
  • Although daggered and buried in New Orleans, Mikael has been telepathically reaching out to the hunters Killian and Clarice and training them to take down his children.
  • Rebekah has been in a relationship with a woman named Callie Mercer for an indeterminate amount of time between her exile in Farewell to Storyville and this episode.
  • During the time jump, Elijah has apparently settled down with a woman named Alana Killeen.
  • Stacy finds her cousin Liana, but 'Liana' turns out to be someone named Fiona Monroe who in turn kills her because 'He can't allow hybrids to survive'. The details of the situation are unknown at this time, but Fiona is working for Ethan Pope.
  • Kai murders Gia and leaves her corpse on Kol's doorstep solely because he could. Later, Kai kidnaps Cami and Alana in order to bait Klaus and Elijah into a fight. While Elijah succeeds in defeating Kai and saving Alana, Klaus is still in search of Cami as of the episode's conclusion.
  • Jules has escaped The Dark Dimension (plane) through unknown means.
  • The wraith Kali, stripped of a physical form as of Shadows, possesses an emotionally vulnerable Davina and, later, Eva Sinclair. Freya kills Eva, sending Kali back to the Dark Dimension. Kali claims to be working for Iblis, despite her distaste for him.
  • The Old Ones have been tracking the Mikaelsons since The Destroyer.
  • A vampire named Anne Bonny is aware of Genevieve's true identity.
  • Heavily pregnant, Genevieve is expecting a boy and is planning to name him Nick. While she claims the name just came to her, it is more likely that her subconscious is slowly working through Elijah's compulsion. The child is due, according to her, 'in three weeks or less'.
  • This episode confirms that Joanna is staunchly in Kingston's employ.
  • Eva is killed and her body is possessed by Rebekah as part of a carefully-orchestrated plan by Elijah and Freya to get intel on The Old Ones. While Rebekah's life is supposedly in danger, her spirit immediately kicks back into her original form once Eva's neck is snapped for a second time. Christabella later deposits the body on Klaus and Elijah's doorstep to let the Mikaelsons know that she knows where they are.
  • While working with the Old Ones, it is implied that Kai has his own agenda.
  • According to a newspaper seen at the end of the episode, Kai was apparently a serial killer prior to his imprisonment.
  • Rebekah is murdered by Lucan in this episode as part of the Old Ones' campaign against the Mikaelsons.
  • Freya describes the Old Ones as 'nothing if not strategists', implying that in life they were soldiers of some kind.
  • Rebekah knew Lucan at one point and is utterly terrified of him now.
  • This episode marks the death of one of the 'Always and Forever' trio.

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