209 Timothy Christ
Season 1, Episode 4 (4)
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Air date December 20, 2019
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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All Through The Night The Fallen
Sacrilege is the fourth episode of The Sulez Dynasty Season 1.


SACRED GROUND DEFILED- The latest in a series of brutal murders in and around local churches forces Meredith and Xander to team up with Katherine in pursuit of a serial killer. Elsewhere, Jo receives startling news from her superiors about her baby, Taryn matches wits with Enzo while trying to control her magic, and Henrietta spars with Peter Delsoin. Meanwhile, Kahri recalls the first time she met Markos, Alaska stalks Joanna, and Erik finds himself working with Juliette to catch a sibling pair of thieves with abilities reminiscent of a creature the ex-spouses once tracked in Central America. Finally, Nora and Mary Louise look to a reluctant Kahri to recover something special to them and details of the true nature of the relationship between Tristan de Martel and Aurora de Martel surface.

FLASHBACK STORYLINE- In Mystic Falls, Kahri reveals her identity to the Mikaelsons and Silas has a clandestine meeting with Qetsiyah. In ancient Rome, Silas and Qetsiyah complete the immortality elixir and Markos learns of Kahri's pregnancy with Silas' child.

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