Malia Tate 5x17
Season 2, Episode 5 (13)
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Air date February 2020
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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Reckoning is the fifth episode of The Sulez Dynasty Season 2 and the 13th episode overall.


1ST Half: THE FINAL SHOWDOWN WITH SILAS- Josephine finally tracks down a weakened Silas, spurring Meredith into action against the man who has caused her so much misery. Sal puts his own plans into action, and enlists the aid of Gemma Chalise and Jane Evers. Katherine visits an unrepentant Sariel, hoping to exhort her for information about a gathering storm. Tristan gives Nora and Mary Louise a belated wedding present. Henrietta faces a conflict of interest upon hearing of Salvador's plans. Finally, Meredith begins losing herself.

2ND Half: A JOURNEY TO THE PAST- A despondent Meredith forces Josephine to send her back in time, before Silas began his campaign in Mystic Falls, in an attempt to erase the overabundance of suffering he has caused. Her meddling causes a massive disruption in the timeline.

FLASHBACK STORYLINE- Silas uses Sage's old lover Finn Mikaelson as leverage against Enzo.

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