E3 Ra's
Ra's al Ghul (of Earth 3)
Birthdate 1343 (64/674)
Occupation Leader of the LoA on Earth-3
Species Human

Status Alive

Played by Liam Neeson
First seen The Things We Can't Outrun, Part 1
Last seen A Death in the Family
The Ra's al Ghul of Earth-3 is a powerful warlord and terrorist as well as one of the archenemies of that Earth's Justice Society of America.

Early LifeEdit

Birds of Prey Season 2Edit

In The Things We Can't Outrun, Part 1,

In The Things We Can't Outrun, Part 2,

In Moving On, Part 1: Don't Fight It,

In Moving On, Part 3: Shadows of the Past,

In Moving On, Part 4: The Price,

Batman Season 1Edit

In The Man in the Mirror,

In What We Live For,

In Signal Fire,

In The Sting,

In Beware The Batman,

In A Death in the Family,




  • 6/36 (Batman)
  • 5/127 (Birds of Prey)
  • 11 (total)

(Birds of Prey S2) (5/17)

(Batman S1) (6/18)

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