Original ra's
Ra's al Ghul
Birthdate 1210s (age 43/800+)
Family Sola (wife)
Occupation Leader of the League of Assassins
  • Eco-Terrorist
Species Human

Status Deceased
Cause of death Shot
Killed by Hassan-I-Sabbah
Played by Oded Fehr
First seen A Death in the Family (possessing Nyssa al Ghul)
Last seen Endgame
Ra's al Ghul was the original leader of the League of Assassins in the 13th century.

Early LifeEdit

Batman Season 1Edit

In A Death in the Family,

In The Iceman Cometh,

In Oaths,

In The Will To Act,

In Lazara,

Batman Season 2Edit

In The Demon,

In Bones,

In Bloodstorm,

In Beautiful Lie,

In The Man Who Broke The Bat,

In Knightfall,

In Bulletproof,

In Red Hood,

In Under The Hood,

In Legacy,

In Contagion,

In No Man's Land,

In No Man's Land: The Court of Owls,

In No Man's Land: Gotham's Bane,

In No Man's Land: Gotham's Reckoning,

In No Man's Land: Death Of The Family,

Supergirl Season 7Edit

In Superwomen,

In All God's Angels,

In Invincible,


In Home,

In Colorful Mind,

In So Cold,

In Just Good Busines,

Supergirl Season 8Edit

In Queen of Blood, Part 1,

In Queen of Blood, Part 2,

In Bound,

In The Box,

Birds of Prey Season 8Edit

In Everything Burns, Part 1,

In Everything Burns, Part 2,

The Justice League of America Season 1Edit

In Spirit of Truth,

In So Far Away,

In Son of the Demon,

In The Path to Enlightenment,

In The Land of the Unliving,

In Black Hand,

In Prophecies,

The Justice League of America Season 2Edit

In Cain and Abel,

In Chairwoman,

In Nightmares,

In The Lord of the Unliving,

In In Blackest Night,

In Rise,

In Endgame,





  • 21/36 (Batman)
  • 18/27 (The Justice League of America)
  • 13/180 (Supergirl)
  • 2/150 (Birds of Prey)
  • 54 (total)

(Batman S1) (5/18)

(Batman S2) (16/18)

(Supergirl S7) (9/20)

(Supergirl S8) (4/20)

(Birds of Prey S8) (2/20)

(The Justice League of America S1) (9/9)

(The Justice League of America S2) (9/9)

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