Pilot, Part 3: Broken Arrows
Season 1, Episode 3 (3)
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Air date Unaired
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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Pilot, Part 2: No Hero The Knights of Midway City
Pilot, Part 3: Broken Arrows, is the third episode of Birds of Prey Season 1 and the 3rd episode overall.


THE TEAM MEETS ECLIPSO- When Checkmate coerces Lonnie Machin into giving up his "supplier", Laurel, Nyssa, Sara, and Helena head into Grinder's Bluff to put a stop to him. When they bite off much more than they can chew, they confer with Faora Zod on how to defeat this new enemy. Meanwhile, John comes to investigate "New Oliver" and Tommy cuts a deal with Dinah.

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  • Antagonist: Eclipso
  • First appearance of Diggle in the series. He was last seen in Five Years.
  • This episode takes place on March 4, 2018.


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