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"Hello. My name's Nora and I'm here to make everything feel good." - Nora.

Nora Ashmore is a Demigoddess and student at Pemberton's Academy. She's a member of the student board.

Early Life[]

Nora was born on Mount Olympus, being the daughter of Aphrodite. After she was born, the Goddess of love wanted her daughter to live a normal life away from Zeus (who at the time was going slowly insane). She gave her over to a coven of Witches who vowed to take care of her for as long as Aphrodite needed. When the time was right, she was accepted into Pemberton's Academy.

The Academy Season One[]

Nora is with her girlfriend Brianna when Angela arrives. The two offer to give her a tour of the school and she accepts. During the tour, Nora gets a vision of a goblin statue falling from the ceiling and almost crushing a student. The statue does fall and she assists in saving the student from being crushed. Once the tour is concluded, her and Brianna go to her bedroom where they take a nap before classes.

During a class with Hecate, they were they go out on a mission with Byron Jacobi along with Angela and Paxton. They would participate in the battle between Frederick's monsters and the Academy.

The Academy Season Two[]

The Academy Season Three[]

The Academy Season Four[]


Nora is incredibly bubbly and flirty. She always strives to make people feel good about themselves. She loves to play the match maker and usually helps people fall in love with each other by using her demigoddess powers. She's also kind of nerdy, with her being obsessed with movies from the 80s and 90s.


Nora has long black hair and hazel eyes. She wears big glasses that, according to Brianna, give her a "cute nerdy look." She likes to wear flower dresses and leggings along with necklaces and earrings.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Demigoddess Physiology - Being the daughter of the Goddess Aphrodite, Nora shares some abilities with her mother.
  • Amokinesis - Nora can make people fall in love with each other. When she uses this power, her eyes glow a sparkling magenta.
  • Joy Inducement - Nora can make people feel immense joy and happiness.
  • Telepathy - Nora can communicate mentally with her fellow Witches.
  • Precognition - Nora gets frequent visions of future events. These visions prove helpful in many scenarios.
  • Super Strength - Nora's strength exceeds that of Witches and Werewolves.
  • Telekinesis - Nora can move and manipulate objects with her willpower.


  • Her favorite food is waffles.
  • She is played by actress Gideon Adlon.
  • Her favorite movies are Gremlins, Star Wars, and The Dark Crystal.
  • She is the first Demigoddess to be seen in the series.