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Maxwell Evers
Birthdate 1973
Family *Marcia Evers (daughter)
Occupation Sheriff of Mystic Falls
Species Human

Status Deceased
Cause of death Heart Extraction
Killed by Victoria Petersen
Played by Richard, Speight, Jr.
First seen Sacrilege (flashbacks)
Last seen Daughter (flashbacks)

Maxwell Evers was the new sheriff of Mystic Falls during the war with Silas. A pro-vampire official, he often finds himself at odds with his more vampire-phobic children. He finds his views challenged when Victoria Petersen, with whom he shares law enforcement duties, begins a reign of terror on the populace. He is considered a doormat, and is not well-liked by the townspeople. Secretly, he was a high-ranking member of the Cult of Silas and the leader of its Mystic Falls branch.

Mystic Falls FlashbacksEdit


  • 5/36 (TSD)

(TSD S1) (5/18)


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