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Mason Lockwood
Birthdate 1980
Family Richard Lockwood (brother, deceased)

Carol Lockwood (sister-in-law, deceased) Tyler Lockwood (nephew, deceased) Josephine Salvatore (girlfriend)

Species Werewolf

Status Deceased
Cause of death Heart Extraction (both times)
Killed by Damon Salvatore (1st time)

Markos (2nd time)

Played by Taylor Kinney
First seen Pilot (flashbacks/voice)
Last seen Wedding

Mason Lockwood is a werewolf and the uncle of the late Tyler Lockwood. Formerly trapped on the Other Side, he was one of the first to notice the place was falling apart, and begrudgingly worked with Kol Mikaelson to try and escape. The vitriolic duo found a way out during the time of the Hunter's moon in 2011. He is currently observing Josephine Salvatore for unknown reasons as per the request of the angel Laylah.


As revealed in Pilot, he and Kol are resurrected via a "tear" in The Veil. He goes to a bar and begins drinking to celebrate, as Kol mocks him before informing Mason that Laylah needs to see him. After a heated discussion with Laylah, he agrees to not act on his attraction to Jo.

The Sulez Dynasty Season 1Edit

The Sulez Dynasty Season 2Edit



  • He is the father of Jo's unborn child.


  • 14/36 (TSD)
  • 9/89 (TVD)
  • 23 (Total)

(TSD S1) (6/18)

(TSD S2) (8/18)

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