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Marcellus "Marcel" Gerard
Birthdate 1810 (age 25/202)
Occupation Vampire King of New Orleans (formerly)
Species Werewolf
Transfiguration date 1835

Status Alivr (resurrected)
Cause of death Staked
Killed by The Shachath
Played by Charles Michael Davis
First seen Always and Forever
Last seen The Monsters In Us Can Be Redeemed
Marcel Gerard was the former Vampire King of New Orleans. After leading a failed rebellion against the Mikaelsons, he reconciled with his adoptive father Niklaus Mikaelson and aided in the plan to fake his adoptive sister Angelique's death. He was slain by The Shachath on the the first day of winter, 2012.


The Originals Season 1Edit

In Always and Forever,

In Marcellus,

In M is for Mikaelson,

In Mothers,

In Performances,

In Le Serpent dans le Jardin,

In Blood For Blood,

In Traitors,

In Miracle,

In The Faction,

In Liturgical Consternations,

In Loup Garou,

In Paradise Lost,

In Our Family's Hope,

The Originals Season 2Edit

In The Puppet Mistress, he ghost of Papa Tunde enters Rousseau's to find Marcel dead, a stake through his heart. The Shachath, in the form of Mikael, uses this to offer him an alliance to get rid of Klaus.

In Pretty Wicked Things, after a failed dinner with Dahlia, Markos, and his estranged sister Freya, Klaus visits an alive Marcel in the Palace Royale.

In The Destroyer, in the night of Dahlia's resurrection, he plays an important role in getting his adoptive sister Angelique Mikaelson out of the crumbling New Orleans. On the way out of town, he, Angelique, and Camille O'Connell find Genevieve Thorne (now stripped of her own identity due to Elijah Mikaelson's compulsion) and agree to take her to Chicago.

In Seven Months Later, after the destruction of his hometown, Marcel is living with Angelique and Cami, comforting the former during a brief existential crisis.

In Copenhagen, he and Cami try to convince a confused and angry Angelique to return with them but the pair is beaten down as the hybrid girl escapes.

The Originals Season 3Edit

In Things We Lost In The Fire,

In Dead Or Alive,


Birds of Prey Season 3Edit

In Red Rain,

In 30 Days Of Night,

In Save My City,


Episode Count:

  • 39/50 (TO)
  • 17/20 (Time Rangers)
  • 3/140 (BOP)
  • 59 (total)

(TO S1) (14/14)

(TO S2) (13/13)

(TO S3) (9/11)

(TO S4) (3/12)

Crossover AppearancesEdit

(BOP S3) (3/22)

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