Magda (human alias)
Birthdate Unknown
Occupation Torturer
Species Wraith

Status Alive

Played by Leven Rambin
First seen The Mind Is Its Own Place
Last seen Let Her Go (flashback)

The creature known as Magda on Earth was the entity responsible for the "rehabilitation" of Kol Mikaelson during his brief sojourn in The Dark Dimension (plane). Without gender or physical form in its native dimension, it took the form of Esther to torment her children.

The Dark DimensionEdit

The Originals Season 2Edit

Kol hallucinates the monster during an assault on Rachel Correa's headquarters due to being infected with werewolf toxin, but Magda quickly vanishes after Kol comes to his senses.

The Originals Season 3Edit

In Trust, Kali mentions that she is being "disciplined" for failing to return Kol to his torments.

The Originals Season 5Edit

In Rathul, Kol mentions that he believes she has been destroyed. Mikael later coborates this.



  • Her resemblance to Esther is only brought up following her final appearance.


Episode Count:

  • 1/88 (TO)
  • 2/5 (TDD)
  • 3 (Total)

(TDD) (2/5)

(TO S2) (1/8)

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