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Lyvia Luthor
Birthdate 2016 (age 7, physically 33)
Family Lex Luthor ("father"/partial genetic template)
Occupation ARGUS Agent
Species Human Clone

Status Alive

Played by Leven Rambin
First seen Fire Escape
Last seen Blow Me Away, Part 2
Lyvia Luthor is a force-grown clone of Sara Lance, given additional genetic material by Lex Luthor, as part of the cloning division of Project Prometheus.

Early LifeEdit

Birds of Prey Season 5Edit

Birds of Prey Season 6Edit

Birds of Prey Season 7Edit



Episode AbsenceEdit

In Birds of Prey Season 6, Lyvia does not appear in 2 episodes:


  • 56/140 (BOP)

(BOP S5) (20/20)

(BOP S6) (18/20)

(BOP S7) (18/20)

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