Lyla Diggle
Family *John Diggle (husband)
  • Sara Diggle (daughter)
Occupation ARGUS member (formerly)
Species Human

Status Alive

Played by Audrey Marie Anderson
First seen Unfinished Business
Last seen Everything Burns

Lyla Diggle (nee Michaels) is the wife of John Diggle, the mother of their daughter Sara, current leader of the government organization ARGUS, and an ally of Team Arrow.

Early LifeEdit

Canary Season 1Edit

In Big Game, she is named the new head of ARGUS after Blake Reed assassinates Amanda Waller.

In Generosity Overreach,

In An Extra Incentive,

In Laurel's Sin,

In Our Truth,

In Lover's Quarrel,

In The Phantasm,

In My Demons,

In H.I.V.E.,

In Ab Initio,

In A League Of Their Own,

In The Longbow Hunters,

In Adam Raised A Cain,

In You Have Failed This City,

Alternate RealitiesEdit

In What Might Have Been, she is married to Diggle and part of the Queen family's security team.

Canary Season 2Edit

In The Prisoner,

In Apokaliptic Designs,



  • 27/136 (Birds of Prey)
  • 21/69 (Arrow)
  • 48 (total)

(Canary Season 1) (11/20)

(Canary Season 2) (2/20)

(Birds of Prey S2) (2/17)

(Birds of Prey S4) (3/17)

(Birds of Prey S5) (4/17)

(Birds of Prey S6) (13/17)

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