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Koriand'r, also known as Kori Anders or Starfire, is an alien princess from the planet Tamaran.


Koriand'r was born on the planet Tamaran to King Myand'r and Queen Luand'r. One day the planet was attacked by the Citadel, a fascist alien empire. Kori managed to escape to Earth where she crash landed in the coastal Jump City.

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Kori is empathetic and caring to people. She is also somewhat naive about Earth's cultures but desires to learn more about them.

She has a very large affinity for mustard, keeping tons of bottles in the fridge at the tower and usually eating it either on or with everything.


In her human form, Kori appears to be a beautiful young Hispanic woman with long dark pink hair and brown eyes. She has a slightly more muscular figure.

In her "hero form", her skin turns orange and her hair takes on a lighter shade.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a Tamaranian, Kori possesses a number of alien abilities:

  • Super Human Strength - Kori possesses strength that exceeds that of regular humans.
  • Super Human Stamina
  • Super Human Endurance - Kori is incredibly durable. Bullets, much like Kryptonians,
  • Super Human Agility - Kori is extremely agile.
  • Super Human Reflexes
  • Radiation Immunity - Kori is immune to all forms of radiation.
  • Ultraviolet Energy Projection - Kori can shoot powerful beams of purple energy from her hands. This energy is capable of blowing grown human beings back.
  • Flight - Due to Tamaraneans having a low center of gravity, Kori can take flight whenever she pleases.


  • She is portrayed by actress and musician Becky Gomez.