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Kal-El, known professionally as the Eradicator, is a version of Superman who lives on the horror themed Damned Earth.


Kal-El began life as Clark Kent, the lighthearted and happy go lucky Daily Planet reporter. His wife, Lois, was pregnant with their child. Lex Luthor, having deduced Clark's true identity, destroyed the Daily Planet building with Lois and a ton of employees still inside. Driven insane with heartbreak, Clark uses his Kryptonian name and begins using the name Eradicator. He kills Lex Luthor and throws all of Metropolis's villains in prison, promising to kill them as well if they step out of line.


Kal-El is much colder than his regular Earth counterpart, often killing criminals without a second thought even if the criminals only committed smaller crimes. He does this because he believes "no one deserves forgiveness."


Kal-El resembles his regular Earth counterpart. He wears a black and silver suit instead of his standard blue and red suit.

Powers and Abilities[]

Kal-El has all the standard powers of a Kryptonian.

Justice League: Damned[]


  • The name "Eradicator" comes from the character in the comics with the same name.
  • Kal-El shares some character traits with the Superman in the Injustice comic series.