Malachai "Kai" Parker
Birthdate 1972 (age 21/39)
Family *Unnamed Grandparents (deceased)
  • Joshua Parker (father, deceased)
  • Jordyn Robles Maxfield (twin sister, deceased)
  • Liv Parker (sister)
  • Luke Parker (brother, deceased)
  • Four younger siblings (deceased)
Species Witch

Significant kills Various people

Gia Davina Claire (3rd time)

Status Alive

Played by Chris Wood
First seen The Destroyer
Last seen Deal With The Devil

Malachai "Kai" Parker, better known to the supernatural community as The Siphoner, is a psychopathic witch and serial killer. He is working with The Old Ones to obtain Angelique Mikaelson's magic.

Early LifeEdit

The Originals Season 2Edit

In The Destroyer, Jochi finds him locked in a crypt.

In Seven Months Later, Jochi frees Kai and has him attack Davina Claire, leaving her in a strange comatose-like state. He later kills Gia and deposits her corpse on Kol's doorstep as an intimidation tactic, and kidnaps Alana Killeen and Camille O'Connell to draw out Klaus and Elijah. While Elijah defeats him, the Original is greatly weakened and Kai escapes.

In Copenhagen, he is torturing Cami but is soon beaten into submission by Klaus. When Klaus and Cami leave, Kai smiles at Lucien Castle. The kidnappings were simply ploys for the Old Ones to discover the Mikaelsons' emotional weak points and it worked.

In Wicked,

In Corner,

In Hello Storyville,

In Dark Horse,

The Originals Season 3Edit

In Black as Night,

In Deal With The Devil,


A violent psychopath, Kai is a serial killer who harbors an extreme hatred for both vampires and natural-born witches alike.



  • 10/62 (TO)

(TO S2) (8/16)

(TO S3) (2/14)

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