Just Good Business
Season 7, Episode 18 (138)
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Air date Unaired
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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So Cold Kara Danvers, You Are My Hero
Just Good Business is the 18th episode of Supergirl Season 7 and the 138th episode overall.


PART 3: NOTHING PERSONAL- As the corporate warfare continues and takes on new forms, Samantha Arias, Lena Luthor, Kara Danvers, and Lillian Luthor fight tooth and nail against Mary Seward and Ra's al Ghul for control of the company. Clark Kent works with Karen Starr to further ingratiate herself with "normal" society.

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  • Antagonists: Mary Seward, Ra's al Ghul, Reign
  • Title Meaning: Sam, Lena, and Lillian's gambit to get rid of Mary and Ra's.
  • This episode is Sam-centric.
  • This episode takes place on June 21, 2023.


  • TBD


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