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Julien Hudson
Birthdate January 9, 1811 (age 33/201)
Occupation Painter
Species Witch

Status Deceased
Cause of death Drained of magic/heart extraction
Killed by Markos
Played by Robert R'ichard

Hal Ozsan (possessing The Axeman)

First seen Marcellus
Last seen Falling Slowly (corpse)
Julien Hudson was a 19th-Century free man of color living in New Orleans during the Mikaelson's rule. Secretly a witch, he practiced both Ancestral and Sacrificial magic, preferring Ancestral due to his location. He was the first known artist who made a self-portrait, but his gallery and art school were destroyed by vampires a few months following his death in 1844. He was one of three witches granted augmented abilities by Markos.

Early LifeEdit

As seen in Always and Forever, his soul is brought out of the Ancestral Plane and placed in the recently-deceased body of The Axeman of New Orleans, a notorious serial killer. Seeking out a way to reverse this, he comes across the Siphoner Joanna (possessed by her mother Dahlia at the time). Dahlia smugly explains to a confused and disoriented Hudson that she orchestrated his resurrection. When pressed on why, Dahlia cryptically tells him she did it because it "amused" her and he will be "useful to [her] down the line."

The Originals Season 1Edit

In Marcellus, we see that Hudson has become depressed in the 170 years since we last saw him. He is one of Cami's patients.

The Originals Season 2Edit

In Traitors,

In Our Family's Hope,

The Originals Season 3Edit

Julien shows up in the final moments of The Puppet Mistress claiming to be able to help defeat the Shachath.

He led a party including Rebekah and Elijah Mikaelson to Romania, where he promptly drained them of energy and left them to fend for themselves for several hours. He was later tortured into revealing that he was on the payroll of the witch Markos, using their siblings absence as a distraction to sneak into the French Quarter undetected. Prior to the excursion, he killed the vampire Diego.

Returning to the Quarter, Julien attempted to stop the resurrection of Kol Mikaelson, but was thwarted and returned to Markos' hideout. He also informed Esther of Markos' presence in the Quarter. Julien was present during the erection of the barrier spell that led to the apparent extinction of Ancestral magic.

Taking an afternoon stroll with Susanna Delacroix, he reveals that Markos' endgame involves him engineering the appearance of a full, blood moon, but will not comment further.

Markos later summons him to the shipyard and kills him by draining him of magic and extracting the artist's heart to recharge his own magic.


Episode Count:

  • 9/68 (TO)

(TO: The Big Easy) (9/24)

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