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Occupation Grifter
Species Werewolf, Ghost

Status Alive (resurrected)
Cause of death Heart Extraction
Killed by Niklaus Mikaelson
Played by Michaela McManus
First seen By The Light Of The Moon
Last seen Hello Storyville

Jules was the werewolf used in the sacrifice ritual that broke the Hybrid Curse.

Early LifeEdit

The Dark DimensionEdit

In The Mind Is Its Own Place, she and Brady are being beaten senseless by the vampires Thierry Vanchure and Diego so they can all "excise whatever negative emotions they are feeling".

The Originals Season 3Edit

In Seven Months Later, Kol first encounters her while he and Gia admire Portrait of Madam X in New York, whereupon she is detained by the vampires. She later escapes from Mikaelson custody when Kai attacks them on the road.

In Copenhagen, she escapes from Mikaelson custody and resolves to help fellow werewolf Fiona Monroe liberate herself from New Dawn.

In Light 'Em Up,

In Corner,

In Hello Storyville,


  • 5/50 (TO)
  • 6/89 (TVD)
  • 1/5 (TDD)
  • 12 (Total)

(TDD) (1/5)

(TO S2) (5/13)

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