Season 3, Episode 7 (27)
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Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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Invincible is the 7th episode of New Krypton Season 3 and the 27th episode overall.


PART 2: NEVER DIE- Reign makes her way to Metropolis, where she blackmails Talia into signing over L-Corp to her. Lena Luthor must work with Lillian Luthor to defend her company's future from the alien terrorist. Kara Danvers, Alex Danvers, James Olsen, and Karen Starr team up with Kate Kane and Onyx to defeat members of a cult. Lucy Lane and Lois Lane do damage control in the wake of Reign's latest move.

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  • Antagonists: Reign, Ra's al Ghul
  • Title Meaning: Kara and Reign's brawl atop L-Corp tower in full view of several news cameras and multiple citizens, mirroring their first fight in the original timeline. It also refers to public opinion being turned against Kryptonians in the wake of the events of the series thus far. More specifically, the title is taken from Alex's quote "You may be invincible physically, Kara, but I remember how much a trial by social media hurt you".
  • The majority of this episode takes place inside the L-Corp HQ in Metropolis.
  • The episode was originally titled All The World Could Rise Against Us.
  • This episode is named after the song of the same name by All Good Things.
  • This episode takes place on May 23, 2023.


  • This episode formally introduces Rao's Fire, a cult dedicated to serving Reign.
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