Birthdate Beginning of Time
Family Angels (siblings)
Occupation Soldier
Species Angel

Status Alive

Played by Dianna Agron
First seen Darkness Lifts
Last seen Near Wild Heaven

Hesediel is an angel who was captured and transformed into one of the Vetala by Abaddon prior to the queen's imprisonment.

The Sulez Dynasty Season 1Edit

In Darkness Lifts,

The Sulez Dynasty Season 2Edit

In Heaven's A Lie,

The Sulez Dynasty Season 3Edit

In Genesis,

In Good News For People Who Like Bad News,

In Darkness On The Edge Of Town,

In Near Wild Heaven,


  • 6/44 (TSD)

(TSD S1) (1/13)

(TSD S2) (1/15)

(TSD S3) (4/16)


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