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Henrik Mikaelson
Birthdate 990 (age 12, at death)
Family * Mikael (father)
Occupation N/A
Species Human

Status Deceased
Cause of death Mauled by werewolf
Killed by Unnamed Werewold
Played by Devon Allowitz
First seen Ordinary People (flashback)
Last seen Falling Slowly (flashback)

Henrik Mikaelson was the youngest of the Mikaelson siblings, and his untimely death was the immediate cause for the family's turn to vampirism.

Early LifeEdit

It is revealed in Always and Forever, M is for Mikaelson, and Falling Slowly, that he and Rebekah were considerably close, as she would often babysit him. When Finn dragged Rebekah away and forced her to miscarry her half-werewolf child, Kol asked Klaus to take the young boy home so he would not be privy to such a barbaric event at the hands of his own blood. Klaus further decided to take Henrik to see the men transform the following evening, and it was this action that led to his brutal death.


  • Although he also appeared in the TVD S3 episode Ordinary People, he does not speak until M is for Mikaelson.
  • It is presumed by Mikael that he was too young to be considered a witch, and this was why he was not resurrected or brought over to the Other Side upon his demise. This is a large contributing factor in Mikael's already deep disdain for Klaus and a part of why this disdain turned to pure hatred upon his transition.


(TVD S3)

  • Ordinary People (flashback, no dialogue)

(TO S1) (3/24)

(TO S2) (1/22)

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