Heavily Broken
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Season 3, Episode 5 (45)
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Air date Unaired
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
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Heavily Broken is the fifth episode of Supergirl Season 3 and the 45th episode overall.


SON OF RA'S- When Winn is possessed by L'Call, the centuries-old assassin effortlessly defeats the alien protectors of National City and kidnaps Lesla and Karen. With only Alex left to stop L'Call, Clark strives to get Alura to send in reinforcements to stop L'Call's real plan.

Main CastEdit

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  • Antagonists: L'Call, Alura Zor-El
  • This episode is Alex-centric.
  • 1st episode this season to feature all main characters
  • This episode takes place on June 4, 2020.



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