[[The Originals]]
Season 4, Episode 1 (39)
Air date July 2021
Written by Illyriarocks
Directed by Illyriarocks
Episode Guide Transcript
The Ladder of Chaos
Hearing Damage is the first episode of The Originals Season 4 and the 39th episode overall.


MORE OF THE SAME- When Mikael is assaulted by members of The Strix, Elijah and Freya are on opposite ends on how to proceed with their father. When Kol begins demonstrating disturbing symptoms, Finn seeks out Davina for aid, much to the chagrin of Joanna and Callie. Elsewhere, Alana and Lucien continue their quest for the Phoenix Stone and Aurora has brunch with James Chen, Kingston's running mate. While Kingston frets about how to proceed with the Mikaelsons present in the District, Davina Mikaelson begins providing supernatural services to an unsavory source. Finally, Elijah pushes aside his distrust for Christabella in pursuit of a valuable object that may aid the Mikaelsons in taking the fight to Tristan. Aurora offers to help Kingston discern the loyalties of Gregory Fawkes.

ELIJAH ON TRIAL- When Senator Fawkes has Elijah arrested, Freya puts it upon herself to deduce what has transpired to lead to this strange turn of events. Elijah calls Alana back to act as his counsel. Finn convinces Callie to expedite her plans while al-Hamzi calls in Callie to act as prosecution, complicating the situation all the more. Elsewhere, Agent Clarkson and Agent Richards look into Kingston's newest backer. Elsewhere, a recovering Mikael grills Davina as to her intentions with the family and Chen catches Hughes in a lie. Finally, Aurora's housewarming party is rudely crashed.

MIKAEL HUNTS TRISTAN DE MARTEL- When he learns that Tristan is alive, Mikael seeks to kill him before he can find the Phoenix Stone or Rathul. Elsewhere, Elijah consults Alana about his upcoming hearing, but the conversation quickly goes in a different, emotional direction. Freya visits Elijah and later pays Aurora a visit as well. Hughes meets with al-Hamzi about the Mikaelson case at Callie's insistence. Lucien finds himself the target of Christabella's ire and looks to Joanna for help to get out of the situation. Elsewhere, Freya approaches Davina for help when she discovers something not quite right with AngeliqueSecretary Banks meets with Gregory Fawkes about his vampire policies.

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