Hayley prof
Hayley Marshall
Birthdate 1991 (age 21)
Family Angelique Mikaelson (daughter)
Species Hybrid
Transfiguration date 2012 by Angelique Mikaelson

Significant kills Genevieve Thorne (second time)
Status Deceased
Cause of death Eviscerated (body)

Subsumed (mind)

Killed by Genevieve Thorne
Played by *Phoebe Tonkin
First seen The Rager
Last seen The Graveyard Shift
Hayley Marshall, born Andrea Labonair, was the mother of the first pureblood hybrid Angelique Mikaelson and the would-be leader of the now-extinct Crescent Wolf Pack.

Early LifeEdit

The Originals Season 1Edit

In Always and Forever,

In Marcellus,

In M is for Mikaelson,

In Mothers,

In Performances,

In Le Serpent dans le Jardin,

In Blood For Blood,

In Traitors,

In Miracle,

In The Faction,

In Liturgical Consternations,

In Loup Garou,

In Paradise Lost,

In Our Family's Hope,

The Originals Season 2Edit

The Puppet Mistress: now a hybrid like her daughter and Niklaus Mikaelson, Hayley named the child after finding Klaus' choice "cheesy and predictable." She later scared off Tyler Lockwood, who had returned to once again try to kill Angelique.

Buried Beneath: [uring a Faction meeting, she accused Genevieve Thorne of being complicit in her daughter's attempted murder (the memory spell used on Klaus and Elijah had not extended to Hayley) but was incapacitated by a mental assault caused by a moment with Genevieve earlier in the day. She experienced a lifelike vision of her adult daughter slaughtering the witches of New Orleans. After the vision ended, her body was violently ripped in half by Genevieve's augmented magic. Her consciousness was later placed in a then-Jane-Doe patient Celina Kingston as part of an elaborate plot to keep both her and the baby safe from Markos.

Revivify: when the compound was under attack by the witches Lenore and Kaleb, Hayley successfully drove them off all by herself, although Klaus had been transformed into his werewolf form by the witches. She and Elijah Mikaelson followed the wolf to Lafayette Cemetery and defended Genevieve and Esther while the women resurrected Kol Mikaelson. After the battle, she returned to the baby's nursery and collapsed in Elijah's arms. When Hayley awoke, her vessel's personality had regained control and was confused as to where she was. Celina later confirms that Hayley's personality has been "subsumed" by Celina's own, but Hayley does appear to her infrequently.

Later episodes confirm she is at peace.


Episode Count:

  • 25/50 (TO)
  • 8/89 (TVD)
  • 33 (Total)

(TO S1) (14/14)

(TO S2) (8/13)

(TO S3) (2/11)

(TO S4) (1/12)

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