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Harleen Quinzell, known professionally as Harley Quinn, is a Gotham City villain and on/off hero. She's a member of the Sirens.


Harleen was originally a doctor at Arkham Asylum. She was assigned to the care of the Joker and was slowly manipulated by him into insanity. But later on, she managed to break free of his control and would start up the Sirens team with Selina Kyle.

Batman Season 2[]

Gotham City Sirens mini series[]

Children of Cade Season 3[]

Justice League: Damned[]

A version of Harley appears in the horror mini series Justice League: Damned. In the special Batman horror episode, Harley is among one of the villains in Gotham when Bruce ingests bat genes and becomes the monstrous Man-Bat. She is killed by Man-Bat in Arkham Asylum along with the other inmates.


Harley appears quite unhinged at times. She can be sweet and cutesy but that can quickly turn on a dime, with her changing into a ruthless criminal.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Gifted intelligence: Harley possesses almost genius level intelligence, being able to plan out attacks extremely well.
  • Trained psychiatrist: Harley is a well trained psychiatrist.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Harley can hold her own very well in a fight.
  • Master acrobat: Harley is very nimble and quick on her feet, with her skills in acrobatics rivaling those of Catwoman at times.

Power granted to her by Ellen:[]

After Ellen released her wave of energy after absorbing the soul of Arcadius, Harley was hit by it and was given a new ability:

  • Amokinesis: Harley was able to mentally make anyone fall in love with anyone else.


  • She is portrayed by actress Margot Robbie.
  • She is based off of the DC Comics character of the same name.