Hannah Labonair
Family Labonair family
Occupation Nomad
Species Werewolf

Significant kills Unknown human
Status Deceased
Cause of death Hemmorhage (hex)
Killed by Freya Mikaelson
Played by Emma Lahana
First seen Loup Garou
Last seen Pretty Wicked Things

Hannah is a pregnant werewolf and member of the Labonair family who survived both bayou bombings.

The Originals Season 2Edit

In Loup Garou,

In Paradise Lost,

In Our Family's Hope,

The Originals Season 3Edit

In All I Need, Stacy goes to Hannah for information about where their cousin Liana might be found.

In Pretty Wicked Things, Stacy finds her murdered. It later turns out that Freya killed her


She is prickly and distrustful of outsiders, particularly witches and vampires.


  • Her first kill was supplied by Markos.


  • 5/50 (TO)

(TO S1) (3/14)

(TO S2) (2/13)


  • She is the first character to die while pregnant.
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